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Intentional Worship - Debbie Powell

Debbie Powell

Debbie Powell

I have been reading Don Potter’s book “Facing the Wall”. For quite a while I camped in his first chapter. It talks about the dictionary definition of worship verses the Greek and Hebrew definitions from scripture. I wanted to get this concept. It was important to me as God seemed to be starting me on a quest to understand more about worship. Then in a conversation with a couple of church friends about our worship at church, one of them stated that his intent is to come to church ready to worship Jesus. Nothing else mattered. There is was. It hit me between the eyes. INTENTIONAL WORSHIP!!! Those two words are now ingrained within me. They excite me.
This isn’t an emotion where I may or may not FEEL like worshipping. This isn’t about the worship leader or team bringing me to a place where I can enter in. It isn’t even about the music; do I or don’t I like what is being played. This is about intentionally choosing to worship my King. This is about engaging my mind, thoughts, emotions, body, soul and spirit with HIS Spirit. Because truly, it is all about Him.

I start by engaging my heart. At times it is a conscience choice. You know as well as I do that there are always distractions – the drummer beating out a (what is THAT) kind of solo, the leader looking more like Elvis (please cover my eyes), the music is not to our liking, people talking, children crying, that funny smell in the air. The list is endless, which is the point of intentional worship - I intend, in this moment, to worship my King in spite of and maybe, just maybe, because of the distractions. You know what I am finding? I am finding that He comes into this worship. I can feel His presence. I am beginning to see that the more often I worship, the faster He joins me. There is also a deepening in our relationship. And, AND, I come out of my time of worship feeling lighter. That heaviness, the lack of joy that wants to keep me from worshipping isn’t there any longer. That is the kind of King we serve, one who takes away the “stuff” that weighs us down. What a great way to begin my day. What a great way to end my day. Wow! What a great way to “any time of the day” my day. Intentional Worship – you have to try it!