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10987639_10206081883466591_1030901981127848466_nThank you for being a loyal reader of our newsletter. We have seen an abundant increase in bookstore orders this month. It is important to note that all of the purchases through our bookstore (online and in person) go to furthering the work that our Lord Jesus Christ has for us to do on this earth. Healing prayer is something that Jesus taught by example, and in His word. I believe very strongly in this mission. Thank you for supporting the work of the Kingdom.
Yours truly,
Elizabeth Ross
This book changed my life. I met the author, Mrs. Marszalek, at a women’s conference just after she had completed this book. She encouraged me in my own love of writing, which lay dormant at the time. She asked me to try this journal for 40 days and see what God made of it. I now write for a living!
More than that, this devotional journal helped me to hear the voice of God more clearly and with more understanding than I ever dreamed possible. The author takes us through 40 inspired days of reading (which are themed), asks us to take time to reflect and to inquire of the Lord what He wants us to take with us through the day, then to write about it. My favorite part about this book is that everything is broken down into bite-sized chunks.
At the time of Therese's suggestion to journal, I was parenting and interning full-time while also working part-time. My life felt like a complete disaster and, worst of all, I couldn’t hear God’s voice. I felt so lost when I began my 40-day journey and so loved by God at the end! My life had direction again, and I felt the wellsprings of life flowing up through me as the Holy Spirit revived me.
I found a closer walk with Jesus through the art in the book and meditating on the scriptures. I bought 12 copies of this journal and shared them with specific people that God put on my heart, who needed a fresh breath of air. This journal is different than anything else you will ever experience. I truly believe that each word and work of art within was inspired by God.