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This month, I have two book recommendations. The second book is available in our online store at this time, and the first is a book that was given to me to read. The author is Mickey Robinson, and it is worth the time to learn more about this amazing follower of Christ.

Falling Into Heaven

A book with a strange name, who falls into Heaven? This book really got me thinking about what God’s will for our lives is and how He reveals that to us over time. The author, who survived a plane crash and burns over a large degree of his body, explains his journey of seeking life’s pleasures while a merciful Creator sought out his wayward child. So many of us can relate to this sense of seeking, searching, and it is a pleasure to share in Mickey Robinson’s journey.   9200000007788718

   Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes - Now Available Online!

This is a daily devotional that I have begun reading this month. At first the title proposed a thought that seemed impossible to me, but the author gently guides the reader through the process of identity, and how God sees a person who is redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. Day by day new truths are uncovered, revealed and explained by skilled author June Hunt. She takes the reader through a 31-day learning process as we learn to align our hearts with the Father’s will.