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As God is calling us to greater and greater exploits in His Kingdom, He is also calling us to deeper and deeper intimacy with Him.

The following resources will challenge and inspire you to be all that you were created to be.

Healing Rooms Bookstore Team

INTEGRITY forwarded by Bill Johnson by INTEGRITY; with a foreward by Bill Johnson

Our generation has lost its integrity. We are not true to our countries, our families, our friends, or even ourselves. Integrity is left in the dust as we chase what the world wants: the perfect body, the biggest bank account, and the most power.

Many in the church have abandoned integrity and been swept downward into a spiral of hypocrisy and finger–pointing. The need for radical Christian integrity to spread throughout the world has never been greater. But what would that look like?

For the answer, internationally–known worship leader Sean Feucht asked his "mothers and fathers in the faith" to explain what integrity means in their lives. With chapters from Heidi Baker, Dick Mills, Charlie Stock, Stacey Campbell, Allen Hood, Ché Ahn, and Cindy Jacobs, the result is a book full of insight and vulnerability from these leaders on how to walk with integrity through your communication, your ministry, your marriage, your family relationships, your leadership, your personal finances, and your times of trial.

Character of the Kingdom. Foreward by Bill Johnson.

The Physics of Heaven (zz) by Judy Franklin & Ellyn Davis The Physics of Heaven (zz)
by Judy Franklin & Ellyn Davis

Read what some of the most beloved leaders in the Christian charismatic movement have to say as they explore the mysteries of God hidden in sound, light, vibrations, frequencies, energy, and quantum physics and they share their insights into how God may use these different expressions of creation to usher us into the fullness of Pentecost. Contributors include Bill and Beni Johnson, Bob Jones, Larry Randolph, Ray Hughes, Cal Pierce, Dan McCollam, Jonathan Welton, and David Van Koevering.

“In this powerful book, Judy Franklin and Ellyn Davis assemble a team of seers who peer behind the curtain of creation to reveal the mysterious nature of our Creator. This book reads like a journal that emerged from a Holy Spirit think tank where great spiritual leaders gathered to discuss their insights into the complexities of God. Through their collective intelligence, these seers have emerged with new perspectives never before pondered.” (from the foreword by Kris Vallotton)