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Power Quotes

by Cal Pierce

Here are some randomly selected quotes from Cal's collection:

“Justification isn't justifying the way we are but justifying the way we ought to be.”

“Your future can only have failure when you measure it by your past.”

“Religion focuses on heaven, the kingdom focuses on earth.”

“You cannot see healing on a full-time basis with a part-time God.”

“When confrontation invites feedback, then giving and receiving can build character.”

“When you turn from your enemy, you can face your God.”

“Some folks are held captive by every thought, rather than having every thought held captive.”

“Time isn't running out when it's being fulfilled.”

“Surprise comes when we hope something happens. Expectation comes when we know something is going to happen.”

“In the world victory is determined by how you finish; in the Kingdom it's determined by how you start.”

Power Quotes is a compilation of insights the Holy Spirit has dropped into Cal's spirit as he has prepared messages for conferences and while speaking at meetings throughout the world. These Power Quotes are meant to stimulate the reader into thinking about God's truth.