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Power Quotes

by Cal Pierce

Here are some randomly selected quotes from Cal's collection:

“God never changes, we must.”

“The Word is the seed. God wants to take us beyond the seed and show us the tree.”

“We need to take off the grave clothes and put on the wedding gown.”

“Religion wants you to have reservations. You only need reservations for somewhere you haven't arrived.”

“The Word doesn't go out void because it fulfills God's will.”

“When our will becomes His will, then His will can be done on earth.”

“Religion wants to fulfill the law of God. The Kingdom wants to fulfill the will of God.”

“The church should be a hospital for the lost, not a rest home for the saints.”

“Some minds are like concrete, thoroughly mixed up and set in their ways.”

“The Word is preventative medicine.”

Power Quotes is a compilation of insights the Holy Spirit has dropped into Cal's spirit as he has prepared messages for conferences and while speaking at meetings throughout the world. These Power Quotes are meant to stimulate the reader into thinking about God's truth.