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Power Quotes

by Cal Pierce

Here are some randomly selected quotes from Cal's collection:

“You won't need to encounter Jesus if He lives inside you.”

“What you face is what you embrace.”

“If we try to use our mind and His, we can become double minded and unstable in our ways. It can be hard to walk with two minds.”

“The only purpose for a wrong action is to cancel a right result.”

“The fact that the devil has to tempt you is an acknowledgement that you carry all the power.”

“Impartation of truth is a word that does not go out void.”

“You can't experience Heaven when you're raising hell.”

“You cannot see healing on a full-time basis with a part-time God.”

“Faith moves vision into its creative form.”

“Without time, your vision can't be seen.”

Power Quotes is a compilation of insights the Holy Spirit has dropped into Cal's spirit as he has prepared messages for conferences and while speaking at meetings throughout the world. These Power Quotes are meant to stimulate the reader into thinking about God's truth.