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"My son has been disabled since age 2 and he is now 19 and on a ventilator at a local nursing home. A person who ministers here came up to pray with my son and God told her that he was ready to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. My son can't speak, but when she asked him if he was ready to receive the Holy Spirit he spoke "Yes I am!!!" and then he said "Jesus". We stand in faith for his complete manifestation of restoration."

- Laura E. on September 3rd, 2004
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I was prayed over for a disabled lower back. I've had two surgeries and was told I would be in constant pain with limited mobility for life (class 3 disability). I couldn't bend with hands behind my knees -- or turn more than a few inches side to side. The team found I had one leg shorter than the other. As they prayed I could feel my leg grow and my back getting warm. I can now almost touch the floor and turn completely from side to side and the first time in three years I have no pain! Praise God! They also prayed for release of high blood pressure and high cholestoral. I know that is cured as well and will have it tested to confirm it. Praise Jesus!"

- Pat M. on December 16th, 2000
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I was prayed for by one of the H.R. Ministers because I had trouble walking without assistance of holding on to the furniture or with a cane. I am an elderly lady, but two days later I was able to walk 12 blocks without assistance."

- Nancy B. on April 16th, 2008
Entered online Apr 22nd, 2008
Healing Rooms of Hammond

"Victoria, 15 years old, came into Central Market South in a wheelchair with her mother. She had major muscular problems throughout her body. She could not walk and had difficulty breathing sometimes. She had been in and out of hospitals and undergone numerous painful procedures. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong. She was prayed for her and she got out of the wheel chair and walked all around the store. Jesus continues to make her healthier. (Summer 2007)"

- Victoria on July 1st, 2007
Entered online Nov 19th, 2008
Austin Healing Rooms

"Had called sister in E. Washington State but got wrong number. Person I spoke with told me about healing rooms and that there was one near me. I've been disabled for years. Later that day as I was driving to my doctor, I saw a Healing Room sign being put out by road. I did a U-turn and hobbled in on my crutches. After prayer I found I could walk without crutches and left carrying them. Amazing! "

- John on September 27th, 2010
Entered online Oct 10th, 2010
Vancouver Prayer & Healing Rooms

"My name is Dan, About 6 years ago I was a very active person I worked a very labor intensive job as a journeyman meat cutter. I was also very active in outdoor activities. In one day that was all taken from me with what the doctors called peripheral neuropathy..'nerve damage' and was unable to walk and was basically unable to take care of took me almost 2 years to fight and get back to where I was able to get around the house with the help of a cane and for the next 4 years I fought as hard as I could to get to where I learned how to do certain thing in order to basically take care of myself. But I had been told by many doctors that I would be permanently disabled, I would never be able to walk without a cane, I would never be able to drive, among other things that I would never be able to do things on my own, that I would always be dependent on someone to do certain things for me. I would always have no feeling in my neck, hands and feet. In January 2013, I was taken to the Healing Room by my friend Pam.....I was told that I was going to be prayed over, I was taken to a chair where two people began to pray over me. My eyes were closed as I was being prayed over I felt the hands of the two people... they were praying, then I could feel the hands of more people praying over me. Some of them were speaking in a language I could not recognize...At another point I could feel my entire body filled with warmth and energy...and could feel about 10 people praying over me. When I open my eyes there was only 2 people praying over me...I was able to walk around the room without my cane a little shaky but I was doing it without help from anyone but God..I was able to open a water that may not be a big deal to some people but to me that was a miracle because over the last 6 years I haven.t been able to do that. Over the next few months every day I started getting feeling in parts of my hands and of today I have feeling in both my hands, feet and in my neck. I am going to get my drivers license in 1 month and I walk as normal as the next person. I look forward to living on my own and getting my life back. I know there is a lot more that God is healing in my body, still I am 98% healed. I need to build my muscles back up to get back to not only where I was before this happened, but better then before. I also gave my life to Jesus Christ. He is now my Lord & Savior!!"

- Dan R. on April 11th, 2013
Entered online May 8th, 2013
Springs of Water Healing Rooms of Madison

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