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"Was healed of Stomach problems, Eshter Flesland came to Walla Walla aglow and prayed for me after - so I haven't had any problems, I have been able to eat anything I want and have not had any problems . Praise God!"

- Bill S. on December 10th, 2016
Entered online Dec 10th, 2016
Spokane Healing Rooms

"On the 4th of July I went to the emergency room because my stomach was bothering me. I have had stomach problems my whole life, but this time was different. Initial testing indicated a growth in my abdomen, and I was moved to UMC. My condition was very unusual, that initially even the chief of surgery had no idea what it was. Another doctor was able to diagnose a congenital cyst. Further testing revealed cancer was growing inside the cyst. I was scheduled for a radical resective surgery on July 20th. Due to the size of the cyst, I lost half my stomach, part of my small intestine, part of my pancreas, my bile duct and my gall bladder. Everything had to be re-routed. My surgeons did an excellent job, and I can eat normally. Before the operation, I was unable to eat, due to intestinal obstruction. I was in the hospital for 31 days and am recovering at home. I believe God has healed me and I do not fear cancer. I believe it will not come back and god has healed my completely."

- Dina P. on September 30th, 2012
Entered online Feb 21st, 2013
Tucson Healing Room

"Went for prayer on a future visit to the doctor for a needed colonoscopy. During prayer felt a touch from God and knew then the concerns the Dr. and I had were no longer concerns. After visit--Dr. confirmed all was well! Praise God!!"

- Jill B. on February 6th, 2012
Entered online Aug 7th, 2012
Silver Valley Healing Rooms

"The pain in my stomach was constant like a knot, a large lump. After prayer my stomach is pain free. My body feels whole."

- Michelle on November 2nd, 2011
Entered online Nov 2nd, 2011
Healing Rooms of Marlton

"After many years of suffering it was decided that I needed a hysterectomy to bring relief from a serious disorder of the stomach and bowel. However, a preparatory investigation (laparoscopy) showed that the bowel and ovaries had adhered to the womb, which meant that the planned hysterectomy could not go ahead. On 18 June 08 the gynaecological surgeon said that he would have to take out a section of the bowel and put it in a colonoscopy bag outside my body for 2 months before he could remove the womb and the ovaries together with about 4 inches of bowel. Following this operation he would then put the rest of the bowel back inside and sow it up. I went to Nowra Healing Rooms for prayer and felt God's presence and anointing all over my body. When further tests were conducted to check the adhesions of the bowel to the womb and a tube to the kidneys, both were found to be normal and the Medical report shows "No radiographically apparent involvement of the anterior rectal wall.... No other abnormality in the rest of the colon". God has intervened, I still have my womb and He is healing me. "

- Carmel A. on December 2nd, 2009
Entered online Dec 2nd, 2009
Nowra (Bomaderry) Healing Rooms

"I felt called to frequently return to the Healing Rooms -- mainly just trusting God to give me what He wanted. One day at work I ate some bread with the full expectation that I would be choking on acid in minutes. (I had actually quit eating any carbs because of this problem) But to my total surprise -- NO ACID!!! I can now enjoy a variety of foods again! Praise God! NEXT - I came in on a Friday for healing prayer -- just open to whatever God wanted to give me. Three people prayed for me. The gentleman stepped up and asked me if I had problems with my lower back and with one leg being shorter than the other' The answer was: YES. He had me sit and extend both legs. He gently took hold of my ankles and it was easy to see my left ankle was higher than my right. His thumbs were not lined up. He began to speak calmly of God's love and healing. Suddenly, I watched as his thumbs lined up. There was NO pulling or physical pressure. It just grew! Praise God! What a gift!"

- Robin T. on July 24th, 2009
Entered online Oct 8th, 2009
Spokane Healing Rooms

"As I received prayer in the Healing Room, the Lord gave words of knowledge from wounds of my past and how the enemy would try stabbing the wounds and re-opening them. I've had lower back pain with lower abdominal pain for about 2-3 years. As the couple prayed and took authority, the pain has released and I feel so much better. I feel free and I have a joy and excitement for my future. Thank you."

- Alice B. on April 9th, 2009
Entered online Oct 6th, 2009
Spokane Healing Rooms

"In 1982 I was diagnosed as having a small hiatus hernia. Along with that was much heartburn and acid reflux. Before coming to the Healing Rooms I experienced horrible pain while swallowing a sandwich and I suffered terrible chest pain which was still prevalent the day I came in for prayer. After receiving prayer I began to feel better immediately and on May 25th I went to the hospital to have an endoscopy (test) procedure done. My esophagus is now normal and all pain is gone"

- Jeananne W. on May 29th, 2008
Entered online Aug 11th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"My father battled cancer for five years and went to be with the Lord 16 years ago. Due to the grief and stress I was diagnosed with acute ulcerative colitis. With heavy medication doctors were able to manage the symptoms. I came to the Healing Rooms and asked for prayer and healing for the condition. Around that same time I had also researched and pursued a homeopathic approach to managing my condition and had dropped all of my medication. At my last screening the doctor actually questioned my original diagnosis which had been very clearly documented. He said there was no sign of disease. I am symptom free and 100 percent healthy and whole! The Lord has restored health to me and given me a remarkable and vital immune system. Praise be to God for His immeasurable love and mercy. He is truly my Rock and my Salvation."

- Jani E. on August 11th, 2008
Entered online Aug 11th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Kris was in ICU for internal bleeding when I arrived to the hospital and the nurses wouldn't allow me into the room due to their awaiting the arrival of the surgeon for an emergency exploratory surgery for internal bleeding within her stomach. After some time standing outside of the room in prayer I finally convinced one nurse to allow me in to pray and lay hands upon her providing I promised not to touch any of the sanitized surgical tools. As I began to pray, watching the blood running throughout the tubes inserted through her mouth and into a filter located on the wall, I immediately felt the presence of YAHWEH enter the room. The Lord led my hand which was raised in praise, down upon her belly. As my hand was set ablaze I began praying in the Spirit and Knew that she had been healed. As I began to open my Bible to read a Scripture I heard someone enter the was the surgeon. I immediately closed my Bible when he stated....."No.....go ahead and finish"!! At that time I began reading the Scripture that the Lord layed upon my heart before kissing her cheek and telling her that she was healed. After leaving and going to the waiting room I continued in prayer until I heard footsteps shuffle into the waiting room. As the surgeon began sharing the proceedures that he had completed he continued on with the various exploratory sites and declared that once he entered into her abdomen he found absolutely no sign of continued bleeding within her!! Praise JESUS!! As I was led back into her room in ICU the nurses ran up to me and stated, "Honey, I don't know what you prayed but it worked". My reply..........It has NOTHING to do with me.......It is JESUS CHRIST, our Great Physician and the Power of HIS HOLY SPIRIT!! The entire staff began Revival!! Praise and Glory to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!"

- Kris on June 8th, 2005
Entered online May 1st, 2007
The River of Faith International House of Healing

"I went to the Healing Rooms because I just needed a touch from God. A touch I received. My spiritual life has been on an upswing ever since they prayed for me. I also received hearing in my left deaf ear, and my bad knee was healed also. Thank the Lord."

- Belinda L. on January 13th, 2007
Entered online Feb 16th, 2007
Healing Rooms of Hammond

"Muscle in my right leg, thigh area has appeared. There was never muscle in that area before. Thank you, Jesus."

- Jo R. on February 20th, 2002
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"As I walked into the Healing Rooms I walked in the presence of the Lord, God Almighty. I received prayer for an eye condition. All pain is gone and blurred vision is gone. I have a full stomach restoration. 3/4 was removed, but I have a whole one now. My husband was spoken life to for his heart to be in time and cancer of prostate to be removed. It is! And we had an anointing placed on us against all cancers to die before us."

- Bonnie L. on April 9th, 2003
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Through intercessory prayer here Steve was healed of turf toe and a knee injury. He has signed up to play pro ball. Praise God for he is good! Give Him all the Glory!"

- Steve G. on December 7th, 2000
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Praise God! The Joy of the Lord is my Strength! I walked for the first time without my leg brace today. The first time in sixteen years!"

- Greg S. on January 4th, 2004
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I came for prayer for inner healing. I walked in on crutches due to an injury to my knee. The prayer was focused on healing and forgiveness, ending with prayer for an impartation of Divine healing. When I stood up I was able to move my knee. I stood up on my leg and walked. I walked out carrying my crutches! I am healed! Praise be to God!"

- Carol K. on April 26th, 2003
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I fell into a drainage hole five years ago. I had surgery to repair, but the bone has deteriorated and I was told that I would need a knee replacement. I was in pain and my leg was very tight. I want a miracle! After prayer I could move my leg like I couldn't before and the pain is gone. I believe I was set free from a spirit of self-rejection and my cholesteral will not be normal. Hallelujah!"

- Sharon K. on August 19th, 2004
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Today my knee has been healed and I can walk without any pain! Praise the Lord!"

- Andrea M. V. on October 19th, 2002
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Healing of my right knee and leg. No cartiledge at all -- bone hitting bone. I am healed!"

- Ellen P. on July 29th, 2000
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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