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Power Quotes

by Cal Pierce

Here are some randomly selected quotes from Cal's collection:

“Religion has Him walking among us; Revelation has Him walking in us.”

“Religion measures the size of the church by membership. Kingdom measures the size of the church by relationship. ”

“You can't achieve what you don't believe.”

“Power is lost through fear.”

“Don't pressure man, pressure heaven.”

“Fear is not real until it's embraced.”

“Fear is the reverse of faith; it is believing what God says is not true.”

“The Word is void without your faith.”

“You make the Word creative when you walk by faith.”

“Religion wants to fulfill the law of God. The Kingdom wants to fulfill the will of God.”

Power Quotes is a compilation of insights the Holy Spirit has dropped into Cal's spirit as he has prepared messages for conferences and while speaking at meetings throughout the world. These Power Quotes are meant to stimulate the reader into thinking about God's truth.