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Release Notes

What's New in Version 1.0.2:

What's new
  • Get trained! We've set up the training signup portal on our website.
  • Implemented a deployment pipeline for the site so you'll always get served the right pages.
  • Quick Access! When you're logged in on your HR page, clicking the title or 'To Admin Portal' links will take you to your HR admin portal.
  • Listed all HR Directors and Associate Directors on 'Search' and 'HR' pages.
  • Began implementation of a HR Org Chart to show the emails of the Regional, State, and Divisional Directors.

Bug fixes
  • Made the address, phone number, state / province fields non-essential when editing your HR information.
  • Fixed a bug where Admin panels wouldn't show up.
  • Fixed a bug where users couldn't pay dues for more than $30 at a time.
  • Fixed a bug where being marked 'hidden from public' didn't actually hide you from the public. 👀
  • Fixed a bug where users had duplicate 'My Healing Rooms' panels.
  • Fixed a bug where users had duplicate 'My Healing Rooms' panels.
  • Fixed a bug where UTF characters wouldn't properly display.
  • Fixed a bug where certain Healing Rooms pages wouldn't display to the public.

What's New in Version 1.0.1:

What's new
  • From today, you'll be able to see Directors and Co-Directors names on the HR and search pages. Recognition!
  • HRs will be able to change their phone number under 'Edit Information'. Now you can be sure that the public is always reaching the right number.

Bug fixes
  • Directors couldn't access their 'My Healing Rooms' page due to an authentication issue. This has been fixed, you've been authenticated
  • Directors couldn't edit their Healing Rooms from the front page. This is fixed and you can edit to your heart's content!
  • Users couldn't sign up for an account and would reach a 'File not Found' page. The file was once lost, now it's been found.
  • Our system wasn't sending you emails. Now it is.
  • Our system was also using wrong encryption files for passwords, affecting people trying to reset their password or create a new account. This has been fixed.
  • In his photo, Cal was looking really wonky on the About > Leadership page. We un-wonky'd him.
  • Users couldn't log into the School of Transformation and would be stuck in a login loop. This is now fixed.
Known bugs:
  • Users with authority/access to multiple Healing Rooms (e.g., state directors) can't access or edit their Rooms. This is slated to be fixed for v1.0.2!

    What's New in Version 1.0.0:

    New site launched
    • General visual overhaul on the site
    • Search bar has been replaced with a Healing Room search by location
    • Testimonies page features all testimonies submitted worldwide
    • 'Add Testimony' buttons allows users from around the world to submit testimonies
    • Events Page now shows all events from Healing Rooms around the world
    • The previous 'Bookstore' page has been deprecated. A new store experience can be found at
    • Site-wide search has been replaced with a Healing Room location search
    • New logged-in user experience
    • Standardized Healing Rooms page displays
    • School of Transformation has been closed for maintenance. If you are in the program and want to finish the course, please email
    • Reduced the number of John G Lake sermons featured on the site.
    • Removed 'Power Quotes' from the site
    • Removed 'Journal of Healing articles' from the site
    • Removed 'Since your Last Visit' page from the site
    • Removed 'Scriptures on Healing' page from the site
    • 'Online Healing Rooms' has been closed temporarily for maintenance.
    • Directors are now able to edit their Healing Room directly from their page
    • Webhosting has a brand new experience
    • All directors' files are now hosted online. You can view them at 'Your Account >My Healing Room >Files'
    Known Bugs:
    • There is a redirect error that very rarely triggerson certain pages redirecting users to https://http// If you encounter this error, change the URL or go to the main site while we work on a hotfix.