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~ A Mixed Bag ~

Arty Bartlett

Computer tips: Put quote marks around the word(s) you are searching for and use as few words as possible. Example, I am looking for the book, How to Minister to Specific Diseases from our website which is a VERY long title! Only enter the first part, "How to Minister", use the quote marks and hit the Search button. It brings up 9 books with that specific phrase in the title. Voila!

Happy After-Easter! Well? Have you started your 40 Days book to spend serious time with God? You still have time to start and send me a report before I draw from the emailed book reports and announce the winners on Live-Streaming before our awesome guest speaker, Graham Cooke, May 30th & June 31st. As I write this I am on day 6 in my 40 Days by Therese Marszalek and I should be on day 9 but I'll get there and it's ALL GOOD!

Has anybody ever heard of Dick Mills? He has this gift where he looks at you and starts quoting a verse that God has chosen for you and he will give you every reference and re-wording of the same verse from every Bible version out there; absolutely amazing! If he sees you again, say, three or even 10 years later he will give you the exact same scripture and all the various Bible versions again!

Well, he gave me and my husband this certain scripture about 7 years ago and I have pondered it many times over the years and was actually thinking it fits with the 40 Day Challenge. The verse he gave me was: Jeremiah 29:13 Then you will seek Me, inquire for and require Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. Now you can see why I was so inspired by the 40 Day challenge!

So the other day, my friend, Thomas, who is the head intercessor at the Healing Rooms in Spokane, asks me if we can get a certain book in so he could read it. The title by Francis Frangipane is: And I Will Be Found By You. Hmmm, I felt a little stirring deep in my spirit as he gave me the title. I checked my references and up pops the first book you see below - and I am hooked! My spirit starts humming and getting all happy on me and I knew God was up to something again! I haven't even started reading it because it just came in today and after all, I am a few days behind on my OWN 40 Day challenge so......for those who are being stirred as I write this I hope you will join me. And yes, I WILL catch up (and still get quality time with God) AND start reading the book by Frangipane. Check it out.....

Arty Bartlett

And I Will Be Found By You by Francis FrangipaneAnd I Will Be Found By You

And I Will Be Found By You by Francis Frangipane
$13.50 (Journal discount $12.15)

Perhaps this compilation of teachings from Francis Frangipane will become his most important book yet. The essence of And I Will Be Found By You is a promise from God. If we seek Him in earnest, He has purposed to reveal Himself in ways that will transform us and impact the world around us. In truth, when we consider the deep and unending problems in our world, only one remedy exists: we must have more of God! If you desire more of God's presence in your life, more of God you shall certainly have. This book has many practical and inspired insights for those hungry for the reality of God.

Here is where the mixed bag comes in. The next two titles do not follow a theme at all but I really like them. I mean, I REALLY like them! The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn andSpirit Wars by Kris Vallotton have been going through Spokane like a wild fire for the last month or so and picking up more speed!The Harbinger is actually a quick read but everyone I have talked to, including myself, forced ourselves to jam a bookmark in and 'PONDER' over what we just read. Roll the events around in your mind to explore what you really just read...and ponder a tad bit more before grabbing the book to read some more.
The blurbs may not do the books justice so if you have gotten to know me and my reading style, know that you WILL enjoy these books!

The Harbinger by Jonathan CahnThe Harbinger

by Jonathan Cahn
$16.99 (Journal discount $15.29)

Are there similarities between Israel and the US? Hidden in an ancient biblical verse from the Book of Isaiah, the mysteries revealed are so precise that they foretell recent American events down to the exact days...the 3,000-year old mystery that revealed the exact date of the stock market collapse of 2008...the ancient prophecy that was unknowingly proclaimed from the floor of the US Senate..... and then came true...Ground Zero where all the buildings were either destroyed or badly damaged, except for one, called the miracle of 9/11...the stone sanctuary where America had been committed to God....also at Ground Zero, the mystery of the Sycamore tree, which shielded the stone sanctuary.....

Spirit Wars: Winning the Invisible Battle Against Sin and the Enemy by Kris VallottonSpirit Wars: Winning the Invisible Battle Against Sin and the Enemy

by Kris Vallotton
$12.99 (Journal discount $11.69)

Blurb by Bill Johnson: I do not think I have ever been more excited about one of Kris' books than this one. On many occasions, people have come to me needing help and insight for their unusual spiritual struggles. Those struggles often remind me of Kris's story. Even though Kris is a close friend, I would not be nearly as excited as I am about his ministry and this book if he glorified warfare and created a devil consciousness. But I have watched his life. He refuses, no matter what has happened, to set his eyes on his enemy but instead, they are on Jesus, the author and finisher of his faith.
Added by Arty: I love the way he explains the mystery of our spirit, soul, and body and how this plays out in REAL life; it's about time!

Happy reading!
Arty Bartlett
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