It Looks Good From a Distance... - Arty Bartlett


Arty Bartlett

Arty Bartlett

I would like to share one of the things the Lord spoke to me lately.

Sad looking plant

Do you see this plant?  It’s 13 years old and it looks pretty good from a distance.  But if you look closer you will see that it is still in the original green pot it came in, the ends of the leaves are a bit ratty and limp, the tops, where new growth should be, are brown, and it is leaning against the pot.

I admit I have not done a very good job at my relationship with this plant and yet it still lives.  It filled a blank spot on my book shelves so didn’t get much daylight either.  It’s probably root-bound, too.  I haven’t checked the roots but, after 13 years, well, you can only imagine.  It used to stand up better but now it needs to lean on the side of the pot.  That would be the nicer tan pot rather than the green one so it looks better from a distance.  The amazing thing, besides the fact that it is still alive, is that it has NEVER GROWN BIGGER OR CHANGED IN 13 YEARS!  Seriously, this plant mostly looked like this when I bought it and, after 13 years, that is a little scary.

Now here’s what God said about all this.  There are people who have been living just like this plant!  Not growing; and pretty much staying the same.  Their growth has been stunted, their emotions are limp and frayed. They feel root bound but they still look pretty good, if you don’t get too close to them and find out what’s really going on.  Then there are people who are a lot like I was, not paying attention to the plant/people/relationships in the first place; indifferent and busy with my own life.

Is this you, or is it a friend, one of your family, one of your co-workers, the barista at you coffee shop, maybe even a spouse, or all of the above?  Your relationship with these people, your caring and interest in them is vital now more than ever.  If you don’t pay attention and encourage them, they could slip away from you and maybe even die.  We are at a critical time in history and I know you realize this is about so much more than a plant.  This is about the lost, the hurting and what could be their last chance to have their name written in the Book of Life.  LIFE!

This is the time to wake up!  We can no longer be someone who is just ‘hanging in there’ and looks good from a distance, hiding behind a façade, or the one who isn’t paying attention

Beloved, get ready to grow; get ready to encourage others to grow.  There are souls at stake and an urgency in this word.  As for me, I will be replanting my plant this weekend and spending time with my grandson and chatting with his parental units while he helps me.  As long as we are out, we should visit with that neighbor watering his lawn………