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Arty Bartlett

Arty's Picks of the Month:  

Both by Judy Franklin, who is Bill Johnson's faithful executive assistant AND.....(imagine a blasting trumpet sound)...we are now offering Jim White's teachings on our Web-store!!!!!

First Judy's books: I love Judy's style of writing! It makes you feel like you are right there with her and leaves you knowing you are empowered by a Good God!

Arty Bartlett


Experiencing The Heavenly Realm by Judy Franklin Experiencing The Heavenly Realm by Judy Franklin B-586-516

Experiencing the Heavenly Realm: Keys to Accessing Supernatural Experiences Judy talks about her adventures of visiting heaven and the lessons she was taught. She is open and honest and speaks with the awe of a child. Very refreshing! You will fall in love with God, Jesus and Holy spirit in a way like never before. You will discover answers to some of the mysteries and questions you've had in your heart. Judy is known as the one who, “goes to heaven” and at the Bethel school, teaches “how” by actually taking people with her to heaven. People get healed, dance, fly, fall in love, get filled with love and come back radically changed.

The second part of the title, Accessing the Supernatural, she actually teaches how you too can "go to heaven". If you already do, then learn how to take others with you!

Beni Johnson writes one of the last chapters and tells her own personal story of when she went to Heaven with Judy!


The Physics of Heaven     (A4)    by Judy Franklin & Ellyn Davis The Physics of Heaven (A4) by Judy Franklin & Ellyn Davis B-000-001

Stop thinking of God in the dark ages. He is the greatest Quantum Physics Scientist ever. He made the rocks to cry out if we don't! The main principles for this book is to learn that whenever you see a counterfeit, it means a real exists; A lie just prove the existence of truth. The author sets out to examine New Age thought and practice for anything “precious” that might be “extracted” from the worthless and finds a lot of New Age Movement embodied biblical principles and could be backed up by Scripture. It's time for Christians to take back the truths that really belong in the Kingdom of God.

“In this powerful book, Judy Franklin and Ellyn Davis assemble a team of seers who peer behind the curtain of creation to reveal the mysterious nature of our Creator. This book reads like a journal that emerged from a Holy Spirit think tank where great spiritual leaders gathered to discuss their insights into the complexities of God. Through their collective intelligence, these seers have emerged with new perspectives never before pondered.” (from the foreword by Kris Vallotton)


Jim White

To find Jim White's teachings on our bookstore website, enter: ‘Jim White' in the search box! Or to schedule a speaking event for your team, call Spokane healing rooms, 509-456-0517.