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Arty Bartlett

Babies, Puppies, Pampers and Pee Pads!
I don’t know about you but my year is starting off to an amazing (and busy) start! Our puppies, Tony and Zeva, have just graduated from Puppy Kindergarten ending it with learning how to do the best tricks, while being obedient of course, and Grandbaby, Aubri Reagan, is due in March. All are doing well and my buttons are bursting with, well, my blessings cup doth runneth over and it’s time to start working out again!

There is an excitement in the air! Grandson, Grant, told me about his ‘sister’ (before our daughter was pregnant) and we talked about heaven and angels and Jesus. He loves to pray with his Nana (that’s me). Tony and Zeva accompany me to our Kid’s Prayer time and are learning to ‘pray’ with us too. Yes, this is a Supernatural Time and it is becoming more ‘normal’ around here.

Which leads up to this month’s recommended books……………… Supernatural stuff becoming more normal! Here’s to a great way to start the new year!

Arty Bartlett


Children And The Supernatural by Jennifer Toledo Children And The Supernatural by Jennifer Toledo B-206-061

Catch glimpses of God through the visions of children! Offering a wealth of real-life stories of radical encounters with God, Toledo shares how youngsters' experiences with miracles, travail, prophetic evangelism, marketplace intercession, prophecy, and more changed the lives of the grownups around them---and captured hearts for Christ.


Supernatural Favor by Kynan Bridges Supernatural Favor by Kynan Bridges B-582-400

You are favored by God!

Financial miracles. Supernatural multiplication. Divine promotion. These blessings should be normal—not the exception—for every single Christian. This includes you!

Sadly, too many believers are working for God’s favor when Jesus has already provided it. The cross is proof that you are favored by God.

Pastor Kynan Bridges provides a solid, Biblical understanding of what it means to confidently walk in God’s supernatural favor… every day of your life. Receive vital keys enabling you to successfully live out this lifestyle of favor, such as:

• Recognizing what supernatural favor looks like and learning how to walk in it

• Activating the Blessing of Abraham in your life

• Experiencing a downpour of God’s unlimited supply

• Living in the overflow of abundant blessing so you can share it with others

Wherever you are in life, get ready to experience a miraculous shift in your finances, health, marriage, and calling as you start walking in God’s supernatural favor.


Adventures In Supernatural Discovery     by Michael Kaylor Adventures In Supernatural Discovery by Michael Kaylor B-583-561

Normal Christianity has been redefined over the centuries. What began as a vibrant encounter with the Living Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit has often become formulaic and stale. For many Christians today, normal is mundane. Normal is average. Normal is boring. If this is you, then it’s time for you to get a new normal.

Author Michael Kaylor shares his personal testimony of redefining normal and stepping out on supernatural adventure that transformed His relationship with God… forever.

God never intended you to live like everybody else. In this book, you will see that God’s vision of normal Christianity includes:

-Prophetic dreams and visions


-Uncontainable joy

-Divine appointments

-Supernatural healing and miracles

Take the journey and discover the supernatural life God has destined you to live!



Secret Power Of Covenant (Will be Released Jan 2014) by Kerry Kirkwood Secret Power Of Covenant (Will be Released Jan 2014) by Kerry Kirkwood B-582-478

The Secret Power of Covenant

Discover God’s Blueprint for Living in Protection, Prosperity and Power!

Remember His covenant forever, the word which He commanded, for a thousand generations (1 Chronicles 16:15)

Covenant is not some spiritual idea limited to those who lived in Bible times—it is a theme that covers the scope of Scripture and its power is available for your life today!

Understanding the Secret Power of Covenant will:

-Dramatically change the way you pray—from begging like an orphan to receiving from your Father like a son or daughter

-Unlock and release your covenant inheritance of divine protection, prosperity, and power to overcome

-Release God’s supernatural restoration in your family as covenant is accessed and practiced

For too many Christians, God’s covenantal blessing is not a lifestyle, but a life preserver they cling to during times of crisis, need or lack. It’s time for you to break this cycle, experience God’s perfect plan for your life, and live in His covenant blessing!