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Supernatural Activity at Spokane's School of Transformation Pilot Program

School of Transformation

It was thought that it would be very helpful to run The School of Transformation program ourselves, here in Spokane, to iron out any “bugs” there may be in its use.  We wanted to be sure it would be a user friendly offering to you, our Healing Rooms directors, in the coming months.  So, the school was offered here this winter to the Healing Rooms staff and prayer team at a substantial discount of $5 per class plus books at a 25% discount.  There was such a great interest in the school that 54 people signed up!  I suppose it helped that warm brownies fresh out of the oven were served at the break, but who is to know for sure.   Nonetheless, the school has generated such an enthusiasm and expectancy amongst the staff and team, it has put quite a draw on the presence of God!  

As our fearless leader, Michell Upmeyer, prepared the room for the first meetings in January, she saw angelic activity!  In the center of the room a swirling tornado appeared to her and then she saw an angel in its center.  When she asked Cal about it, he confirmed that it was a vortex from heaven, a type of open heaven.  He asked if the angel was Gabriel.  Michell’s spirit leapt as she confirmed that it was! 

She admitted that there were angels in that same room when she first took the class several years ago.  She is elated that they showed up again during this pilot program, as several angels have continued to be in attendance almost every meeting.

Just last month, during the break, the sweet fragrance of anointing oil began to waft through the air.  As people started to file back into the room, Michell asked everyone if they had applied lotion or used any fragrant oil.  No one had.  The aroma only increased.  The planned DVD teaching was put aside as the presence of the Holy Spirit began to weigh in the atmosphere, the fragrance of Him only increasing.  Acappella praise and worship was spontaneous.   The aroma of pine started to manifest.  Prayer and declarations flowed as all basked in this atmosphere of love and unity.  Many lingered when it was time to leave, not wanting it to end.  

Pam Walker is on the leadership team at Healing Rooms Headquarters in Spokane.