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David Wylie I love the Good News! God has spoken to me that I am called to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. This job is perfect for that. I believe that informing ourselves about what God, and the people of God, are up to and then partnering with Holy Spirit to develop prophetic strategies is very important for the work of announcing the Kingdom of God on the Earth.

Also, I am quite the nerd when it comes to biblical studies and the mission of God. I love books and love reading and taking in Kingdom ideas. Allow me to offer some exciting resources which look the most interesting to me personally for the coming season. You will find all these books in our bookstore.
Sincerely, David Wylie

Transforming the Land and Cities by Sharon MurphyTransforming the Land and Cities by Sharon Murphy B-500  $15.00

Transforming the Land and Cities: A Training Manual for Healing Our World by Sharon Murphy is going to help us to think about healing outside the rooms.  This training manual can be used to train others as it inspires it's readers to change the world by co-laboring with the work of Jesus. Sharon and Tom Murphy examine scriptures which confirm the need for us to partner with the Creator for the land to be healed. This manual reveals the process for believers in removing the roots of sin in the land and how this is done by partnering with the completed work of Jesus. In relationship with the Father every believer can participate in forgiveness and the transformation of the land and cities. We are sons and daughters of our Father God and we have the amazing ability to carry out His redemptive will on the earth. By reading this manual you will learn how you can be an active part of the transformation of the land where you live. You will be inspired to take on your destiny in God’s plans for His beloved creation.


Team Training DVDs 2 Disc Set by Healing Rooms MinistriesTeam Training DVDs 2 Disc Set by Healing Rooms Ministries DVD-010  $38.00

Sept. 2014: Brand New 2- disc  DVD Team Training set.

God has given us a desire to see Healing Rooms established around the world. God is revealing His Word through the Kingdom message, through divine healing and divine health. To fufill that calling, we offer these training sessions on DVD to share about what God is doing through Healing Room Ministries, and to impart that anointing and vision to all who desire it. Are you hungry to be a doer of the Word, and not just a hearer? Come join others from the uttermost parts of the world to receive the Word of His Grace for today!


This is the actual Team Training as used by the International Headquarters here in Spokane, WA.  Watch as our Director Rev. Cal Pierce gives a fundamental and powerful teaching from the Word of God, in addition to instruction on Practical Training and How We Operate in our prayer rooms with examples from real prayer sessions.




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