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David WylieHello, everyone! I have included some great items for you in this issue. I have included an amazing book by J. Robert Clinton called The Making of a Leader, but don't let the title trick you. This is not a typical leadership book. This is a very important work on finishing well. With so many leaders giving up, we really need to press in to the Lord and get the skills to finish well.

Cal Pierce gave an amazing teaching at this year's Leadership Summit about our calling to receive the mind of Christ. Please don't miss out on that. It is available on DVD, or on CD if you want to listen to it in the car.

Also included is Dr. C. Peter Wagner's book on intercession for pastors and leaders. This is a re-release and update of this great book that came out in the 1990s. I personally think we should all press in to our victory through intercession. If you are a leader, you might want to get this one as a gift for those who are interceding for you.

Our featured worship album the month is the new one from Julie True, which I find exceptionally wonderful. This is the best Julie True I have ever heard. It is a live album and it has been helping me to rest in the presence lately. Enjoy! Love you all!

Serving, David Wylie

 Making Of A Leader (Revised) by J. Robert Clinton Making Of A Leader (Revised) by J. Robert Clinton B-950-750 $16.99

The Making of a Leader shows how God works in the lives of individuals to help them become more deliberate leaders. By studying 3,500 historical, biblical, and contemporary leaders, author J. Robert Clinton presents six stages of leadership development to help one determine where they are in the process and what steps to take next. This revised-and-updated edition expands on testing patterns, including integrity and obedience checks. An ideal resource for pastors or those in authority positions, this book equips readers to discover what type of leader they can become in order to serve God, the church, and their community. • Includes expanded appendices and endnotes that point the reader to additional resources • Features definitions and examples of leadership values • Has a personal application section at the end of each chapter • Paints a picture of future stages for the reader’s career • Describes “process items” in which God brings the reader to key decision points


Receiving the Mind Of Christ (DVD) by Cal PierceReceiving the Mind Of Christ (DVD) by Cal Pierce DVDT-050 $14.00

This is an exclusive teaching from the 2014 Leadership Summit by Rev. Cal Pierce, Director of the International Association of Healing Rooms. Pierce speaks on Receiving the Mind of Christ. This is also known as the “10% of our Brain” teaching. This impartation is based on a word that Pierce received when he asked the Holy Spirit why we only used 10% percent of our brain capacity. He goes on to explain the critical need for us to have the mind of Christ in this season as well as well as steps we take in receiving it. This comes with a 50% discount for Healing Rooms directors as well as a 25% discount for staff and Partners. This teaching also comes as part of the entire 2014 Leadership Summit conference DVD set.


 Prayer Shield (Repack) by C. Peter Wagner Prayer Shield (Repack) by C. Peter Wagner B-110-88X $14.99

Right now, pastors, teachers and all types of Christian leaders are on the frontlines of spiritual battle, desperate for prayer support. They are in need of intercessors, whose prayer can shield against the strongest attacks and make the difference in spiritual warfare.

Peter Wagner not only teaches the biblical basis for intercessory prayer but shares who is and who isn’t an intercessor, why leaders themselves often don’t pray enough, how to recruit prayer partners and the three types of personal intercessors. The Prayer Shield is a complete guide to becoming personal intercessors for pastors and Christian leaders, imparting God’s strength and protection in support of those advancing the Kingdom of God here on earth.

I Belong to You Audio CD   by Julie TrueI Belong to You Audio CD by Julie True CD-True-008 $15.99

Julie True's Newest Release!!!

Julie has painted with a quieter, more intimate palette on her newest release, I Belong to You. Much like her best-selling 2012 release, Find Rest, I Belong to You surrounds peacefully delivered worship songs with inspired moments of spontaneous songs and instrumental music. Of note is her tranquil yet majestic rendition of her classic worship anthem, “Lord, I Worship You”, as well as a first-ever release of “Be Love in My Heart,” a heart-stirring worship song she’s been singing for decades in live soaking worship times. Spontaneous songs like “Safe Inside Your Heart,” “It’s So Simple,” and the title track, “I Belong to You” carry the anointed atmosphere of peace that Julie’s music has become known for, laced with deep spiritual truth and revelation. The album begins and ends delicately with two serene instrumentals featuring electric piano, and is tastefully decorated throughout with layers of lush, beautiful synth pads and textures. This soft-spoken and reflective album revolves around the themes of belonging to and trusting in Father God, worshiping Him and beholding His beauty, and experiencing His love.