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This month I would like to recommend two new books to you: The Deadly Perfectionism Trap/And How To Escape It by Pauline Holmes PhD and Divine Towels by Beau Jason McGlynn. There is a theme in this month’s recommendations: testimonies of people who have worked for the conventional American health care system and found it lacking in the power and promise that our Gospel offers to us.

Dr. Pauline Holmes, a psychologist, went on to found Grace and Sanity ministries and to write the book The Deadly Perfectionism Trap/And How To Escape It. This book is shockingly thorough for it 168 pages, appearing as a thin novel but with many riches in this small space. Both secular and Godly viewpoints are thoroughly explored. For example, here are two excerpts from the book:

            “The genetic aspect of this (perfectionism) tendency is seen in the fact that when one member of a family               system has a disorder characterized by obsessive thinking and/or compulsive behavior, other family members         often display similar illnesses.”

And the Godly viewpoint,

             “What is clear is that under grace, the death grip of perfectionism disappears. You will experience a desire          to make a contribution to your fellow men and to please God. Perhaps this idea is not new to you, but the only          reason we love Him is that He first loved us.”

This book presents the concept of healthy striving toward faith and good works. It is a thought-provoking read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in why God’s word trumps secular psychology any day.

The second book I would like to recommend is Divine Towels. Beau Jason McGlynn spent twelve years in intense prayer and devotion writing this book. It is a heartfelt novel written as a firsthand experience of the Grace and Healing that only God can provide. What makes this book more profound to me is that Beau overcame many personal obstacles to write this book, including a medical diagnosis of quadriplegia, while also working a “day job.” Divine Towels is a story about following Jesus and His example of washing His disciples’ feet:
          We may want to follow Jesus; yet, it’s not so easy. Some may begin each day by giving the day to the Lord and asking Him to direct their steps. Still, often we feel as if we are living in dichotomous worlds… (one) that is loving and one that is not. We may long to be in God’s presence and experience a world of acceptance and love. We are so accustomed to the way things are on earth that we have difficulty tuning out the world, letting go, and allowing Him to love us. Jesus himself understood how difficult this was for us. This is why he reminds us that we are supposed to ‘be in the world not of the world.’

          …Many people have so many concerns and want a quick way to escape from their problems… Although no one could quite explain the sudden explosion of positive energy, it was obvious that the Soul Station was having a powerful effect on those who visited it… overwhelming peace… extraordinary solutions to problems. Others looked at them, were amazed, and wondered if they were taking some new type of medication, for there was an amazing clarity in which they thought. It would have been extraordinary enough if it had occurred in one part of their lives; but it seemed to transform every facet of their being!

They were ever eager to take on another challenge, the author explains. There is so much power in the blood of Jesus, and in faith in the one living God who is Healer above all. I hope that reading these books will bless you deep down, as it has me.

Yours truly,
Elizabeth Ross