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We are very excited to see what God is doing right here, right now in our midst! These two books will help you get "into the Spirit" of what God is up to in this hour. As we incline our ears and hearts to the Father, He speaks the mysteries that have been prepared for us to walk in during this Jubilee year!

Sincerely, Healing Rooms Bookstore Team

The Caused Blessing by Robert Henderson The Caused Blessing by Robert Henderson B-HENDERSON-1 $17.00

"The Caused Blessing" presents the biblical principle of Firstfruits in an easy to understand, insightful and life changing way. The God prinicple of Firstfruits will transform the way you look at giving and receiving!

How Heaven Invades Earth by Kris VallottonHow Heaven Invades Earth by Kris Vallotton B-126-090 $14.99

God wants to transform our relationships, our communities, our country, our world. As the presence of evil, pain and chaos seem to be taking over our world, the call to seek God's power and advance His Kingdom is stronger than ever--for our sakes and for the future of our children.

As the Lord's Prayer teaches us, Heaven can be pulled down to earth and we can participate in bringing God's Kingdom to earth. "How Heaven Invades Earth" gives us an incredible picture of how God, by supernatural and miraculous means, is doing just that. The Church, as God's appointed agency of change, is where this transformation starts. As we join together and embrace the change God wants to bring about, He begins to transform our relationships with others, our communities, our country and our world. As God's power is released, our culture is empowered to emulate what God has already designed in Heaven.

Fighting for this transformation today is urgent because the legacy we begin today will impact our children and their children tomorrow. A heavy rain is coming that will saturate our entire planet as God pours out His Spirit--let's take hold of God's vision for the future.