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Indeed we have entered into a new, exciting and challenging season. We must be aware of the spiritual climate around us and stay focused on God at all times.

Here are some wonderful helps to keep us in step with Heaven and about our Father's business.

Sincerely, Healing Rooms Bookstore Team

Seven Mountain Renaissance by Seven Mountain Renaissance

B-770-341 $14.99

What is your part in this new Renaissance? Which mountain is your primary realm of influence? As this extraordinary Renaissance progresses, you will carry God's life-changing truth and light to transform the world. There will be such an increase in the knowledge of God and His ways that life on earth will be changed forever.

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14)

Your Power in the Holy Spirit (O1) by Roberts Liardon Your Power in the Holy Spirit (O1) by Roberts Liardon B-771-637 $13.99

John G. Lake was anointed by God to reach the sick and the lost in miraculous ways. Here is a glimpse of the unparalleled outpouring of Holy Spirit power when operating through a completely yielded life. Drawing upon his vast ministry experiences, Lake presents an enlightening look at how God desires to use His people mightily to minister to a dying world. Through his insightful words, you will discover how you can personally...

--Receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit

--Be filled with the overcoming life of Christ

--Be a more powerful witness for Christ

--Overcome all the schemes of Satan

--Exercise authority over evil spirits in Jesus' name

--Trust God to meet all your needs

--Find true purpose for your life

--Develop a faith for miracles

--See people powerfully saved, healed, and delivered

--Transform your world for Christ

You, too, can bring salvation and healing to many hurting, hungry people in the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit. Discover the exciting opportunities available to believers everywhere, and experience God's powerful and miraculous ways!

Mystic Awakening (zz) by Adrian Beale Mystic Awakening (zz) by Adrian Beale B-584-185 $15.99

Mystic Awakening

Revealing The Ancient Secrets Of God's Seers

These are not far-fetched, new age experiences. They are your inheritance as a believer in Jesus Christ!

Get ready to tap into the supernatural realm that saints of old and forerunners of yesteryears have walked in for centuries. This is not new truth or extra-Biblical revelation—it is a transition to normal living in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Enoch. Abraham. Moses. Elijah. Elisha. These great patriarchs of old experienced God in ways that seem foreign and inaccessible today. Yet, because of Jesus, a New and Living Way was made so you could enjoy a new level of supernatural lifestyle that our ancestors longed to see and experience.

You will learn how to experience:

• A deeper fellowship with God

• The Holy Spirit’s voice with greater clarity

• Supernatural encounters that produce spiritual maturity

• The untapped power of speaking in tongues… from the Old Testament