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 Fasting is once again regaining its importance in our walk with Christ. Long forgotten by many, the benefits of fasting both for the Kingdom and for ourselves is again being highlighted for such a time as this. Check out these excellent books on the blessing, and necessity, of fasting.

Sincerely, Healing Rooms Bookstore Team

fasting by Jentezen Franklin by Jentezen Franklin Fasting by Jentezen Franklin
by Jentezen Franklin

Opening the door to a deeper, more intimate, more powerful relationship with GOD, Jentezen Franklin shares his insights on how fasting can move us closer to the relationship with God that we have always wanted to have.

The Daniel Fast For Spiritual Breakthrough by Elmer Towns The Daniel Fast For Spiritual Breakthrough
by Elmer Towns

Elmer Towns' Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough has become must reading as this powerful spiritual discipline of fasting has seen a revival among followers of Christ. Now Towns digs deeper into one of the most popular forms of fasting today, the Daniel Fast. With an emphasis on a healthy, simple diet, The Daniel Fast is named after the prophet Daniel who participated in a partial fast for spiritual purposes.

Daniel was taken captive into Babylon when he was 16 years old. The Babylonian king wanted the young prophet to help him administer his rule over the captive Jews - and he wanted to "Babylon-ize" Daniel, to make the young man of God more like him. The first step the king took in his campaign was to provide a sumptuous feast to tempt Daniel - food fit for a king - basically fattening comfort foods. In response, the prophet refrained from the king's table, choosing instead to eat only vegetables and to drink only water. He honored God over the king.

Knowing God Through Fasting by Elmer Towns Knowing God Through Fasting
by Elmer Towns

This book is not an instruction manual on the methods of fasting or on how to pray. Rather it describes the spirit of fasting that leads to an intimate knowing of Jesus Christ.