On behalf of myself and our apostolic team, we welcome you to consider being a part of Healing Rooms School of Transformation. Our vision is to see an army equipped and activated to transform their city and usher in the great end-time harvest. We can do this by becoming the fulfillment of God's will on the earth, which is the mandate that lies at the center of every saint's destiny.

Our desire is to equip our students for the work of the ministry in every sphere of life and become familiar with the supernatural realms of God. We believe signs and wonders should be the norm in a Christian's life, not an exception. Jesus gave us a mandate to destroy the works of the enemy. He said signs will follow those who believe - they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. A Kingdom culture of revival is not an event, but a lifestyle. Come join us.

Cal Pierce
Healing Rooms Ministries


The Healing Rooms School of Transformation provides you with a unique opportunity to discover and develop your gifts and to learn how to live a Kingdom lifestyle while cultivating an intimate relationship with God. We want you to "learn and do" so your experience will include:

  • Experiencing an atmosphere of healing provided at the International Offices of Healing Rooms Ministries.
  • Praying for the sick and broken
  • Bringing prophetic words to people in the city
  • Giving and receiving encouragement through participation in home groups
  • Celebrating the presence of the Lord
  • Insights from Johnny Enlow on how to bring transformation to the seven major institutions that influence society (a.k.a the Seven Mountains of Society)
  • Teaching and impartation from Cal Pierce and healing rooms staff as well as special speakers at Healing Rooms Ministries.


  • Section 1: Rightly Relating takes the student on a process of healing and of renewing their mind in order to know his or her identity in the Kingdom of God, have an accurate view of the Godhead, and how to relate to the Body of Christ with honor.
  • Section 2: The Kingdom of God gives the student the foundational truths about how God's Kingdom functions. Some of the topics included are: Apostolic Government, Supernatural Revelation, Angels and teaching on the five-fold ministry.
  • Section 3: Healing presents the fundamentals of and provision for, receiving and keeping healing. The subject matter includes: Sozo: saved, healed and delivered; Anointing to Heal; Healing the Land; Health: Stewarding the Body; Roadblocks to Healing, how to minister healing and more.
  • Section 4: Seven Mountain Mandate identifies the major institutions that influence society and gives the student insight to the strategies that will help them have an impact in the sphere God is calling them to.
  • Additional Teachings bring a well roundedness to the school with teachings on the prophetic and the other gifts of the Spirit, basic Bible study skills, Intercession, Outreach Evangelism and more.

Our Mission

To equip passionate people worldwide with Kingdom mindsets resulting in personal transformation and therefore becoming catalysts of transformation within their God-given spheres of influence.


School Year: October, 1st 2013 - April, 30th 2014
Classes are held Tuesday and Wednesday night, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm
and one Saturday per Month 9am-12pm

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee: $35 (non-refundable)
Tuition: $975 (includes the cost of textbooks)
Students are responsible for finding their own housing

Payment Plan

A $100 non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of receiving your acceptance letter - it is applied towards your tuition payment.

Application Documents

* If you would like to speed up the process by typing in your answers on your application, just open the application PDF, fill out all the sections, electronically sign it, save it on your computer where you can find it and then email it to [Click here to see the email address.] .

For More Information

For more information or an application contact Joshua Frey at (509) 456-0517 extension 223 or email him at [Click here to see the email address.]