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Start a Healing Room

Directors and prayer volunteers are blessed as they find themselves functioning in God's gifts in a greater way through the ministry of Healing Rooms. Destinies are launched and cities are transformed through people like you around the world!

Anyone wanting to start a Healing Room should first feel "called" by God and have a heart that will allow them to be fathers and mothers to their team.

All potential directors must receive training from one of our International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) approved trainers and have a clear understanding of our model. Please check the list below of National, Regional, and State Directors that can help you.

You are also welcome to attend training in Spokane and schedule an interview with IAHR; however, you will still need to contact your local IAHR leadership. Please click on the following link for training dates and times:

National Directors

small_albania_flag.gif Albania
small_australia_flag.gif Australia (116)
small_bangladesh_flag.gif Bangladesh (36)
small_belarus_flag.gif Belarus (4)
small_botswana_flag.gif Botswana (4)
small_brazil_flag.gif Brazil (6)
small_canada_flag.gif Canada (96)
small_cayman_islands_flag.gif Cayman Islands (2)
small_china_flag.gif China (2)
small_colombia_flag.gif Colombia (2)
small_congo_republic_of_the_flag.gif Congo DRC (4)
small_croatia_flag.gif Croatia (2)
small_cyprus_flag.gif Cyprus (4)
small_czech_republic_flag.gif Czech Republic (2)
small_denmark_flag.gif Denmark (4)
small_england_flag.gif England (120)
small_fiji_flag.gif Fiji (2)
small_finland_flag.gif Finland (58)
small_france_flag.gif France (22)
small_french_polynesia_flag.gif French Polynesia (2)
small_gabon_flag.gif Gabon (2)
small_georgia_flag.gif Georgia (2)
small_germany_flag.gif Germany (42)
small_indonesia_flag.gif Indonesia (12)
small_israel_flag.gif Israel (8)
small_japan_flag.gif Japan (4)
small_kazakhstan_flag.gif Kazakhstan (2)
small_kenya_flag.gif Kenya (6)
small_latvia_flag.gif Latvia (4)
small_lesotho_flag.gif Lesotho (22)
small_liberia_flag.gif Liberia (4)
small_lithuania_flag.gif Lithuania (2)
small_macedonia_flag.png Macedonia (2)
small_malawi_flag.gif Malawi (10)
small_malaysia_flag.gif Malaysia (6)
small_mexico_flag.gif Mexico (28)
small_moldova_flag.gif Moldova (4)
small_namibia_flag.gif Namibia (4)
small_nepal_flag.gif Nepal (10)
small_netherlands_flag.gif Netherlands (40)
small_new_zealand_flag.gif New Zealand (102)
small_northern_ireland_flag.gif Northern Ireland (2)
small_norway_flag.gif Norway (2)
small_peru_flag.gif Peru (8)
small_philippines_flag.gif Philippines (6)
small_romania_flag.gif Romania (4)
small_russia_flag.gif Russia (24)
small_scotland_flag.gif Scotland (76)
small_singapore_flag.gif Singapore (8)
small_slovakia_flag.gif Slovakia (2)
small_solomon_islands_flag.gif Solomon Islands (2)
small_south_africa_flag.gif South Africa (32)
small_south_korea_flag.gif South Korea (4)
small_spain_flag.gif Spain (2)
small_sri_lanka_flag.gif Sri Lanka
small_sweden_flag.gif Sweden (2)
small_switzerland_flag.gif Switzerland (14)
small_tanzania_flag.gif Tanzania (4)
small_uganda_flag.gif Uganda (2)
small_ukraine_flag.gif Ukraine (22)
small_united_states_flag.gif United States of America (746)
small_vanuatu_flag.gif Vanuatu (2)
small_wales_flag.gif Wales (8)
small_zambia_flag.gif Zambia (4)