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Adventures in Religion

A Series Of Radio Lectures
given By John G. Lake
between June 24th And August 22nd, 1935

  1. Notable Christians in History (Adventures in Religion #1) on 1935-06-24
  2. A New Wave of Heavenly Experience (Adventures in Religion #2) on 1935-06-25
  3. The Wondrous Value of Healing (Adventures in Religion #3) on 1935-06-26
  4. Artillery from Heaven (Adventures in Religion #4) on 1935-06-27
  5. Miracles Are for Today (Adventures in Religion #5) on 1935-06-28
  6. The Challenger of Darkness (Adventures in Religion #6) on 1935-07-02
  7. Jesus' Program of Deliverance (Adventures in Religion #7) on 1935-07-03
  8. The Miraculous Realm of the Spirit (Adventures in Religion #8) on 1935-07-05
  9. Deeper Purposes of God (Adventures in Religion #9) on 1935-07-09
  10. The Tangible Presence of the Holy Spirit (Adventures in Religion #10) on 1935-07-10
  11. The Spirit of Dominion and the Church (Adventures in Religion #11) on 1935-07-11
  12. Following the Trail of Jesus (Adventures in Religion #12) on 1935-08-22

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