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Healing Room Location Miles Kilometers
Seattle (Wallingford), WA 2.4 Miles (3.8 Km)
Bothell, WA 11.9 Miles (19.2 Km)
University Place (Tacoma), WA 22.4 Miles (36 Km)
Issaquah, WA 22.8 Miles (36.6 Km)
Freeland, WA 22.9 Miles (36.8 Km)
Silverdale (Silverdale Way NW), WA 22.9 Miles (36.9 Km)
Marysville, WA 25.3 Miles (40.7 Km)
Duvall, WA 25.9 Miles (41.6 Km)
Olympia, WA 35.7 Miles (57.4 Km)

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