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Testimonies: Breast Cancer
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"I came for prayer for asthma and early stage cancer.The Lord touched me and I believe with my whole heart that He has healed me completely tonight.The glory be to God. He is great and nothing is impossible for Him."

- Klokkie T. on February 24th, 2011
Entered online Mar 3rd, 2011
Koinonia Healing Rooms

"In September, 2004, I was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic with a rare form of metastatic breast cancer that had spread to my lungs and liver. Since this form of cancer had not historically responded to medical treatment, the doctors offered no hope of cure or even living beyond eight months. I was devastated! I returned to Seattle where I was paced on a chemotherapy regime and began receiving weekly prayer at the Bothell Healing Rooms.
It is now March 2006; my breast and lungs are clear and the lesions in my liver have decreased substantially. During these past 18 months the Healing Room Ministry has become more than a powerful support during my medical journey; it is an essential ingredient to all that God is doing in my body, soul and spirit. Prayer Partners not only agree with my faith and prayer, but also dauntlessly proclaim God's promises for healing and health when my faith is challenged by a discouraging doctors report. They have a complete devotion and commitment to God's Word for DIVINE HEALTH and HEALING. While I experience God's healing in baby steps, the Healing Rooms help me hold tight to God's Word for financial provision, insurance cooperation, positive medical reports and daily victories before I experience them.
My testimony is I AM HEALED OF THE LORD.
Nickalene Johnson "

- Nickalene J. on March 13th, 2006
Entered online Dec 8th, 2009
Northshore Healing Rooms

"In March 2001 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following the mastectomy an MRI Scan revealed "multiple secondaries in the liver." The surgeon was disappointed, but God gave me great peace with Phil. 4:6. My family and close friends prayed. As a further check I was asked to return for an Ultrasound. Here, the technician finally said "I can find nothing of any significance!" Another MRI Scan was ordered. This confirmed that all was clear. I have had no more complications in over 8 years since then. Thank You Jesus."

- Marion D. on December 7th, 2009
Entered online Dec 7th, 2009
Maryborough Healing Rooms

"A Total Healing of Breast Cancer - PRAISE the LORD let's declare the greatness of Our GOD Together - LORD we DECLARE YOUR GREATNESS! "photos" of tumors before - with titanium marker place next to tumors by Doctors - Person received prayer - Right before surgery new "photos" - NO tumors - just a titanium maker!! Blessed Be the LORD OUR GOD - Creator of the Universe WHO does all Things Well! TOTAL AND COMPLETE HEALING "

- Jeff & Kathy G. on August 27th, 2009
Entered online Aug 27th, 2009
Oviedo Healing Rooms

" This is a story of God's love for me and all of you. It is a story of how God is moving in our healing rooms. On the last Friday in June 2008, I received a call from my surgeon telling me that a lump inmy breast was cancer. That evening I went to our church healing room. While in the healing room, I felt a sensation of warmth and smoothing in the tumor area, which was about the size of an egg. I did not know the significance of this until later. I went into the room with heaviness and came out with a smile onmy face. The following Tuesday, I had surgery to remove the tumor. After the surgery, in the recovery room, my surgeon told me she had removed tissue the size of an egg and the whole tumor was now gone. God had brought all the cells into that egg for my surgeon to remove! After the surgery, I had more tests. Based on my history and my family history, it was likely that my genetics were positive for increased risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. My genetics were negative, Praise God! I believe the Lord healed those, too. The company who did the testing even did a thrid test for free because it was likely the results should have been positive. If you have anything troubling you, go to the healing rooms. I have been back a few more times. The staff there, which are your brothers and sisters in Christ, usher in God's Spirit into that rooom for you. I thank God for each and every one of them! "

- Wendy F. on November 30th, 2008
Entered online Mar 26th, 2009
Oneonta Area Healing Rooms

"The last time I came to the Healing Rooms I was here because the doctor had told me that I had breast cancer 8-14-07. I came to the Healing Rooms because I told my doctor that I have a better doctor through God. I came in on 8-15-07 and then went back to the hospital one week later. They told me I was going to need surgery and the doctor took me to have an x-ray done. Then she announced: "You don't have any cancer." I thanked God for healing me. I don't have any cancer. The breast cancer is gone. Jesus is my Doctor."

- Mojiko A. on August 11th, 2008
Entered online Aug 11th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I received revelation through prayer about things I have been praying about. I am learning to walk closer to the Lord and shine as a light even through struggles and trials. When the healing room team ministered in prayer I could see where the enemy had a hold on me. God is working on my heart and mind.I choose to let the Lord direct me so that I can become the person God intends me to be.Thank You for your anointed prayers."

- Debby R. on June 1st, 2008
Entered online Jun 6th, 2008
Cross-Light Healing Room

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer.I came to the Cross-Light Healing room for prayer on April 6th to be healed from the cancer and blood clots in my knee. When I was diagnosed with cancer I was told I would need both chemotherapy and radiation. After prayer I went to the Dr. and received this report. The MRI showed no signs of the cancer spreading. During the biopsy the Dr. sd. he thought he got the small amount of cancer completely out! No chemotherapy is needed now. He said the cancer is 100% curable. A few other nodules were found during the MRI. They were all benign (non-cancerous). A nodule was found on my thyroid. It was benign too. No surgery was needed for it. He said it could be cured with medication.The Dr. told me the blood clots in my knee could probably be taken care of with medication without the need for surgery. I praise you God for your excellent report!"

- Debby R. on May 5th, 2008
Entered online May 6th, 2008
Cross-Light Healing Room

"Received prayer at the healing rooms for reoccuring brest cancer. Since then I had a CT scan and a bone scan and both came back negative. Praise God"

- Ethel T. on April 3rd, 2008
Entered online Apr 24th, 2008
Healing Rooms of Hammond

"Every single word that was spoken in prayer was something that I have prayed about over the past month. Specific things were touched on that I had not shared, yet the Holy Spirit revealed them. While praying over my knees Laura specifically spoke about the blood flowing freely through my knees. I had not shared that I had blood clots. I know that healing began today in my soul. I am beginning a stronger more secure walk with my Lord. Unforgiveness was broken off and the tangible peace of God was ministered."

- Debbie R. on April 6th, 2008
Entered online Apr 9th, 2008
Cross-Light Healing Room

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