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Testimonies: Breast Cancer
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"I was diagnosed with breast cancer.I came to the Cross-Light Healing room for prayer on April 6th to be healed from the cancer and blood clots in my knee. When I was diagnosed with cancer I was told I would need both chemotherapy and radiation. After prayer I went to the Dr. and received this report. The MRI showed no signs of the cancer spreading. During the biopsy the Dr. sd. he thought he got the small amount of cancer completely out! No chemotherapy is needed now. He said the cancer is 100% curable. A few other nodules were found during the MRI. They were all benign (non-cancerous). A nodule was found on my thyroid. It was benign too. No surgery was needed for it. He said it could be cured with medication.The Dr. told me the blood clots in my knee could probably be taken care of with medication without the need for surgery. I praise you God for your excellent report!"

- Debby R. on May 5th, 2008
Entered online May 6th, 2008
Cross-Light Healing Room

"Received prayer at the healing rooms for reoccuring brest cancer. Since then I had a CT scan and a bone scan and both came back negative. Praise God"

- Ethel T. on April 3rd, 2008
Entered online Apr 24th, 2008
Healing Rooms of Hammond

"Every single word that was spoken in prayer was something that I have prayed about over the past month. Specific things were touched on that I had not shared, yet the Holy Spirit revealed them. While praying over my knees Laura specifically spoke about the blood flowing freely through my knees. I had not shared that I had blood clots. I know that healing began today in my soul. I am beginning a stronger more secure walk with my Lord. Unforgiveness was broken off and the tangible peace of God was ministered."

- Debbie R. on April 6th, 2008
Entered online Apr 9th, 2008
Cross-Light Healing Room

"Some time ago The director and his wife prayed for me serval times for brest cancer and polips on my brain that caused seizures. I want to report that I have no more polips and no signs of cancer in my breast. I can now drive after getting a report of no more seizures. Praise Jesus! "

- Mary A. on March 14th, 2008
Entered online Mar 14th, 2008
Healing Rooms of Hammond

"I came in for prayer for a lump on my left breast. I was told it was either cancer or a cyst. I was prayed for and healed! I went in for an ultra-sound and they couldn't see anything. Praise God!!"

- Kendra O. on December 6th, 2007
Entered online Dec 28th, 2007
Spokane Healing Rooms at Headquarters

"Fran - diagnosed with multiple lumps that needed to be removed surgically -in great pain - multiple visits to Doctors - Soaked in Healing Prayer As of Last Visit to Doctor - No Surgery Will be Needed - We are Praising You LORD JESUS !"

- Fran T. on June 11th, 2007
Entered online Jun 11th, 2007
Oviedo Healing Rooms

"Betty contacted us in February for healing prayer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and believed in the Lord for complete and total healing. As our prayer team continued to lift her up with continuous, fervent, healing prayer, she continued to progress physically, emotionally and Spiritually. Today-5/10/07 we received this email from Sister Betty: Hi Everyone, Some of you I have called, but this is worth repeating! Today my doctor could find NO abnormal blood cells in my lab work, the tumor has shrunk 1/2" since January, my pH level was perfect, my DHEA level is up 125 points and I have gained four pounds! He believes at this point that the remaining mass in my breast is of a cystic nature, not tumorous and that the tumor portion has dissolved since the cancer cells are no longer present! Praises to God. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that prayer has played a major, major role in this. Thank you, thank you, all of you for thinking of me, loving me and praying for me. I have the best family, friends and clients in the whole world! I go back in August for another blood test just to make sure everything is still clear and I have to continue with what I have been doing for the last year. That will be no big deal since I am used to it now! As you can imagine, I am overjoyed. I will stay in touch. Love and hugs to everyone, Betts We praise YOU JESUS for YOUR healing touch upon sister Betty! YOU are our HEALER.......YOU are our LOVER.........YOU are our SAVIOR and we will praise YOUR HOLY NAME continuosly!!! If you would like to visit our House of Prayer & Healing in Florence, KY.......please email us at will continuously lift you up in His Holy Healing Presence! Amen, AMEN!!!! "

- Betty L. on May 11th, 2007
Entered online May 11th, 2007
The River of Faith International House of Healing

"I've been fighting breast cancer since 1999. After many medical regiments,in 2005 the cancer was found to have spread to my skull, my liver, my spine, and my lungs. I started going to Healing Rooms in Hammond in November 2005. These wonderful people prayed for me, encouraged me, and stood with me in faith even when it seemed hopeless. Recently we got a good report, only after another three treatments the cancer test showed only trace amounts in my right lung and my spine. The doctor said that the cancer was dying and that the results I was getting was not the normal. I told him that I accepted this as my miracle from God. I Praise God for my healing. All the pain is gone, I no loger need oxygen to breath and I am gaining my strength daily. I am sure that the next test scheduled in three months will show all signs of cancer gone. My God is an awesome God."

- Patti G. on March 11th, 2007
Entered online Mar 11th, 2007
Healing Rooms of Hammond

"I came the first time to be prayed for because the blood "CFA" level went up. (Breast Cancer). The doctor had me change meds. I had a bone scan and CT scan--They prayed there would not be anything there. There wasn't anything in my organs. A tiny spot on a lung and spots on bones. I believe Jesus took those stripes so we are all healed. He took all sins and our diseases. I refused to take an injection the oncologist wanted me to take. I felt a relief when I made this decision. My left leg was prayed for also and it is better. I am standing on "The truth shall set me free." Prov. 17:15 is my prayer now. I believe the diabetes is healed also. I give the Lord all the praise and glory for my wellness."

- Carol McBride on September 27th, 2002
Entered online Jun 1st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms at Headquarters

"She came to the Healing Rooms asking for healing of high blood pressure, glaucoma, a lump in her right breast and diabetes. She writes: "Our prayers have been answered. The Lord has healed me of all the things I asked you to pray for. Thanks be to God. I have a clear report from all the doctors.""

- Velma K. on July 25th, 2001
Entered online Jun 1st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms at Headquarters

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