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Testimonies: Multiple Places in the Body
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"My sister, Betty, was told that cancer had returned and that she had one tumor on her spine and one on her bladder. The doctors decided she needed to take pills for hormone therapy and they would begin a search for a genome for her type of cancer. ( a slow moving type of ovarian cancer which produces large tumors). She contracted the flu the day after Christmas and was unable to begin the medicine right away. Finally she started taking one half pill every other day for about a month, then one half pill every day for about two weeks before returning to her oncologist. In the meantime the healing rooms and others were praying. When she saw her doctor he was surprised to hear that the pain had greatly diminished and said it was a good sign. He did the MRI and called her the next day to tell her that the tumors were gone. He also said they found a genome for her type of cancer that they could use in case it should return. That is a new thing in cancer treatment and it means that her own immune system would kill the cancer. Last March, before she knew she had cancer, she was told by a trusted prophetic person to do what the doctors said and not get ahead of them. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has had his part in this right from the beginning. She hardly took the medicine, but as much as she could did what doctors said, and God has used her obedience. doctors,and prayer and she has been healed.GLORY TO GOD!"

- Betty on February 7th, 2017
Entered online Feb 7th, 2017
Healing Room Bremerton

"I came here several months ago with a prayer cloth to have Cal Pierce lay hands over. Pastor Susan Beckett was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer all over her body. Cal Pierce lays hands and declared "cancer free zone" the anointing was heavy. Well praise Jesus! He healed her 100%. She just got a call from on of the top nations cancer specialists and her told her, " Susan please get a seat. I am dumbfounded, I don't understand. there is no trace of cancer in your body, no not even 1%, You are free from cancer"."

- Greg C. on January 19th, 2017
Entered online Jan 19th, 2017
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I came to the H.R. to intercede for a young boy of 12 with a rare form of cancer. Healing Rooms came into agreement that when they go to take x-rays before surgery that the cancer would be gone. THE CANCER WAS GONE! God is so good, and prayer is so powerful. There is a very, very happy family! Yeah!"

- Lenette M. on October 3rd, 2015
Entered online Oct 3rd, 2015
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

"JUDY'S TESTIMONY(CANCER) Judy's testimony is lengthy and would require much space to publish. After reading it and trying to shorten it we felt there was nothing that could be left out. It is a warrior's testimony that has lessons for us all. To read her entire testimony please go to and click on testimony tab at the left. You will a short narration that will tell you how to view it."

- Judy M. on April 19th, 2010
Entered online Apr 19th, 2010
Oxnard Healing Rooms

"Michael had not been feeling well since October of 2007. Several doctor appointments followed, as well as some chiropractor appointments for a sore neck. He had several medical tests which all came back normal. His symptoms were attributed to being run down, staying up late and not eating well, or possibly a low grade infection. Things, however, continued to get worse even with life style improvements and visits to the chiropractor for a sore neck. Antibiotics were next prescribed and even following that regiment his symptoms persisted. He was then sent to a surgeon for further evaluation. On January 23, 2008, a little over a month after Michaels 20th birthday, our nightmare began when we received a call from the surgeons office with the outcome of a CT scan. The results showed a large mass in Michaels head. An aspiration of the mass proved inconclusive so a biopsy was necessary. The diagnosis was Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, a cancer that is rare in the United States. A PET scan (a scan that shows all cancer present in the body) showed no evidence of the cancer having spread from the head and neck area, therefore was potentially curable. This was a big relief at the time because If the cancer had spread beyond the head and neck area it would not be curable, but treatment could only buy us some time in the hope that a cure could be found. His treatment however was, as the doctors put it, the hardest of any cancer treatment given. The actual chemo was a harsh one and would be given simultaneously with 35 radiation treatments to the throat and neck area. A mask was made to fit his face and he was snapped into place on the radiation table. He was very brave and took these treatments with a great deal of courage and did not complain. He tried to enjoy the moments he could on the days he felt okay. When the long weeks of treatment were finally over, the cumulative effects made for a very miserable couple of weeks. His neck, tongue and throat were burned. He was barely able to swallow and almost all of his nutrition came from a feeding tube. He also was fatigued from the chemo and dealing with waves of nausea. After a month of rest he was beginning to feel better and the adjuvant treatment began, which was some follow up just in case chemo to get any left behind living cells of cancer. He had one round of this chemo combination, which was suppose to be easier but something was not right. He was having some intestinal pains and his energy level was sinking again, more than predicted. He was still not eating much, even when his throat was better and the chemo effects should have been wearing off. So the next round of chemo was delayed, and then delayed again. A CT scan was ordered and soon we found out that there was a tumor growing in Michaels hip bone, and had actually fractured the bone. A bone marrow biopsy showed it was cancerous and a PET scan showed there were actually 2 tumors in his left hip. His pain level was increasing and he was back on heavy duty pain medicine and steroids for bone pain. The pain was increasing quite quickly. His cancer was now staged from a 4A to a 4C and was now in his bone marrow. Our options were not many or even sure possibilities. He was given 3 more different chemos at one time and life was miserable. The pain medicine was not doing the job and more radiation was possibly coming up. A friend of Michaels told us about a local healing room where people can go and get prayed for; a place where she had gone and experienced positive results. Michael and I went for prayer which he received, and then we were told about a healing revival going on in Florida. Two of the people working at the healing room encouraged us to go, if possible, after seeing the condition and pain level that Michael was experiencing. Michael felt spiritually uplifted and got a definite touch from God when he was prayed for at the healing room. We also took their advice, packed up and on June 13, 2008 boarded a plane for Florida. The first part of the trip was horrible, as even the wheel chair ride to the plane and between gates was painful for Michael. I asked him in Denver if he wanted to rest in a motel and continue on later, rather than board again so soon. He wanted keep going because he did not think he would feel any better in a motel. Michael and I were seated apart on this next flight because a flight attendant put Michael near the front so he could get to the bathroom and exit the plane easier. A good way into the flight, I noticed a man and a woman (his wife) leaning over Michael, obviously praying for him. I ran up there and this man had tears running out of his eyes as he was praying for Michael's cancer to leave, and the pain to leave. He was asking God to burn the cancer out, was pleading the blood of Jesus over him, and began speaking life over Michael. Michael was basically healed at that moment. He immediately felt better. When we got to our hotel Michael began walking around. He had a very slight limp and his pain was mostly gone. The man on the plane and a friend of his talked to me for a while afterward and told me that Michael would sleep well that night (he had not been able to sleep much because of the pain). Michael had been waking up every few hours to take more pain medicine. He slept so well during the night that I had to wake him up at 11:30 am to check out of the motel at 12:00. He had slept all night without once waking up. I asked him how he was feeling and he said fine (A response I had not heard in a long time). The evening that we arrived, Michael went down to the restaurant in the motel to order food for us and brought it up to our room. (He had not been eating much at all - getting his nutrition from a feeding tube - we have not used the feeding tube since before we left for Florida, and today it was taken out). We had a wonderful time at the revival and Michael was prayed for by the ministry team and felt heat coming onto him. He went through the fire tunnel, and a lady we met while standing in line brought some people in the ministry team over to pray for Michael. It was such a wonderful experience and Michael continues to do GREAT! He has been pedal boating, playing basketball, a little jet skiing, doing landscape work and hanging out with friends. We had a gathering at our house less than a week after we returned home from Florida because we had friends in from out of town and it was our daughter, Marys birthday. Mary had a group of her girlfriends at the party who had been on a jump rope team with her while they were growing up. Some of the guests wanted the girls to perform so they did a short performance. At one point 2 of the girls were turning double dutch (a fast turn with 2 ropes going) and Michael said "I'm coming in." He jumped into the ropes and continued jumping in the ropes for longer than I knew he was able to, even before cancer and a broken hip!! It was great. Everyone is so amazed when I tell the story. We are blessed and everyday my husband and I are so happy just basking in the wonder of it all!!! We are continuing on with his medical treatment but are anxious to get all the scans from the doctors, to show on paper what we already know and see that Michael is totally 100% healed by the power of Jesus, the great physician and healer. Lisa Bate July 21,2008 Addendum: On August 6,2008 Michael finally was given another PET/CT scan. The Pet Scan shows metabolic activity that helps to detect and measure cancer, and is given along with the CT which further helps to define what is going on in the body. We received the results on August 12. His previous PET/CT scan done on June 10,2008 showed 2 tumors in his left hip area. These showed an SUV (Standard Uptake Value) measurement of 17.3 and 16.3 with 1-3 being within the normal range. On August 6 the measurements were both 1.4, well within the normal range. Also at the end of the PET/CT report it stated no PET CT evidence of active residual disease. The doctor concluded the reading of this report with these wordsMichael is in complete remission. "

- Lisa B. on June 13th, 2008
Entered online Dec 8th, 2009
Northshore Healing Rooms

"Complete healing of cancer. After several trips to the healing rooms, I am cancer free. My baby that I was carrying at the time, just turned one and is healthy as can be. Praise the Lord for bringing such victory into my life through the power of the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!"

- Joni H. on June 12th, 2008
Entered online Oct 31st, 2009

"On Monday November 12, 2005 I had come in for prayer for healing and strength and prayer against side effects of chemo therapy that was going to be started on Friday of the next week. I also needed prayer for medicine as I had no health insurance and had not been approved for medical assistance. They were checking on that. The next day after prayer they said I would be covered. Praise God. I went to the chemo that Friday afternoon and God kept every side effect from coming. I had no side effects and the nurse thought I would, because they missed starting me on drugs that would counteract the allergic effect. They usually give the drug days before the chemo. We had prayed that Monday night the chemo would only touch the bad cells and would be like water to the rest of my body with no ill effects. "

- Mary Jo P. on March 20th, 2008
Entered online Apr 29th, 2008
East Side Healing Rooms

"Cancer Didn't Stand a Chance... I was diagnosed in May, 2007 with two inoperable brain tumors and cancer on my right kidney. I was told by four different doctors that I was very ill and had one year to live without treatment (cemo & radiation) and 2 - 3 years with treatment. I had much prayer and confessed the word to my doctors and all who cared for me. I had a brain treatment June 28th, 2007 and later radical kidney surgery. The MRI had indicated that the tumor on my kidney had spread to the main artery of my heart. GOD WAS FAITHFUL as I knew He would be. My main surgeon called it a true miracle of God. The kidney tumor was completely encapsulated and did not infiltrate any other part of my body. A brain MRI in Sept 2007 showed that the tumors had shrunk. My hearing which was affected by the tumors is back. All doctors say there is no need for any further treatment. I am scheduled for brain MRIs every three months for the next year and a half. This is the third time the Lord has healed me from cancer. Thank you Healing Room warriors for your prayers and support! THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS!!!"

- Sue S. on September 28th, 2007
Entered online Sep 28th, 2007
Oxnard Healing Rooms

""For I will restore health to you and your wounds I will heal, declares the Lord your God." Her medical physician referred C. to the Healing Rooms of South Florida. C. was filled with cancer throughout her body. 1. She had cancer all over the liver. 2. She had cancer in her lung. 3. She had cancer all over her vertebra, from her neck to her tailbone. 4. She had cancer all over her sacrum. 5. She had cancer all over her hip joints. 6. She had cancer all over the bones in both of her legs. C. began coming to the Healing Rooms of South Florida for prayer ministry on May 30th, 2002. As our ministry prayer team prayed for C. the Lord opened C's heart to receive Him as her Lord and Savior. C. was literally glowing with the presence of the Lord upon her. She stated that the pain had left her legs and she was walking much better. C. would come to the Healing Rooms twice a week for prayer ministry. Her cancer markers were extremely elevated, yet C. was feeling much better. She declared that she believed that the Lord was indeed healing her, we concurred. It was a joy to watch as the Lord began restoring health to C. as she is only 42 years old. On August 30th, as we ministered to C. she had an intense heat come upon her body--she literally experienced the tangible presence of the Lord coming upon her. The Lord was ministering His healing Virtue to C. C. came to us this past Saturday, November 16, 2002, she was rejoicing in that which the Lord had accomplished in her body. She had brought her Nuclear Studies of July and the latest one that was taken on November 4th. Her physicians can find no trace of cancer in her liver, her lung, her vertebra, as well as both of her leg bones. She only has four little spots on her sacrum and hip joints that are resolving. Her physicians have delcared that it is truly a MIRACLE. There is nothing medically that can explain what they have seen taking place in C's body. Her cancer markers have gone from 2000 to 72. Hallelujah! C. feels as though the Lord has given her back her life, and indeed He has. The Lord declares in John 10:10 "Satan has come to rob, destroy and to kill you. But I have come that you might have life and life abundantly." It is a joy to see the abundant life that C. now has in the Lord Jesus. She shared with us that she has completely finished reading the New Testament. It is a blessing to watch her growing in the Lord."

- Rich & Dottie K. on November 20th, 2002
Entered online Jun 1st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. On my retirement in Sept'99 a long list of diseases were discovered. So, I went to the Newport, WA Assembly of God for healing of cancer. I was healed but I could not convince the Dr. because the PSA count of 5-9 is not 0 and over the next few months it began to creep upward. I had been led to set dates and claim deliverance for other problems (ulcer, esophigial reflux, hernia, etc...) but found the pattern that the adversary delites in of putting symptoms back over me to attempt to build doubt instead of faith. On or about May 10,2000, I came to the Healing Rooms with an intercessor friend for prayer. The itching on my legs was cured immediatley. The growth on my left hand has continued to enlarge instead of dropping off as was prayed for. I'm still waiting expectantly. The PSA count dropped to 5-9 again so I convinced the Dr. that I didn't need to back for at least a year for a checkup. The symptoms of other diseases have lessened in frequency and severity as I call on the blood of Jesus and rebuke the attacks of satan. The original prophecy over me at Newport was that God would trade my disease for righteousness as I seek him. "

- Walter M. on September 4th, 2000
Entered online Nov 15th, 2005
Spokane Healing Rooms

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