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"Healing Through a Word of Knowledge "On my first visit I filled out the section regarding prayer I needed. I wrote arthritic knee but never wrote down I had a lump behind my knee near the crease of the knee. While praying over my knee, one of the women, Martha, standing to my left began praying and said "And Lord heal what is behind her knee; what ever is behind her knee heal it Lord." I knew right away the Holy Spirit spoke to her about my knee as I did not write anything down about the large lump. I noticed the next day the lump had completely went away; it's been about 3 months and it has not returned. I had had it for about 2 years. Never knew what it was and it was painful but is completely gone. Praise the Lord." Iman"

- Iman on February 20th, 2017
Entered online Jul 14th, 2017
In His Presence Healing Room

"I fell playing soccer and hurt something in my left knee (10 yrs ago I badly stretched my MCL and my knee has been weaker ever since) After I fell I could not move the leg at all until a person I was playing with prayed right there. I could then move it but it still clicked and was really tight. So I went to the Healing Rooms and received prayer. One of the pray-ers received the word to pray for the release of scar tissue and immediately the knee was fully healed and feels strong again."

- Jez W. on December 13th, 2012
Entered online Dec 14th, 2012
Sonrise Healing Rooms

"I went to my doctor yesterday about something on my knee that was painful. It turned out to be a cyst. During prayer they touched my knee and I felt a sort of shock/pain. Then they told me to stand and sit and see of my pain and swelling was gone and it was! I honestly had a hard time believing this at first and kept laughing from speechlessness. But it really did happen! I am very happy about this. Thank God!"

- Brittany K. on March 26th, 2004
Entered online Jun 1st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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