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Testimonies: Smoking
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"Deliverance is often uncomplicated and so subtle - that those delivered seem unaware of anything but an experience of shifting from various tensions to immediate peaceful freedom! Changed in an instant from a distorted kind of image of who they thought they had become (disorderly behaviors), to who they really are (free). Surprised and glad are they! Thankful for Holy Spirit who equips our ministers to SEE!"

- N. S. on March 17th, 2017
Entered online Mar 17th, 2017
Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls

"I had been smoking marijuana for 35 years and cigarettes for 43 years. Five years ago I came to Nowra Healing Rooms, desperate for freedom from smoking marijuana. I had wanted to stop for a long time, but I could never manage to do it. After receiving prayer from the team I have never used marijuana again! I also had no withdrawals, and have had no cravings either. It is as though marijuana was never a part of my life, even though I was using it several times a day at the end!! I also have now not had a cigarette for three years. This also was entirely the Lords doing. Every time I wanted a cigarette I said I cannot do this Lord, but You can. And He did, bless Him, xx, Catherine"

- Catherine L. on December 13th, 2016
Entered online Dec 13th, 2016
Nowra (Bomaderry) Healing Rooms

"I was supernaturally healed in the River of God Ministries 24/7 Prayer Shed and through prayer at Nowra Healing Rooms. I asked Jesus why I smoked cigarettes and cried out to him with all of my heart. He said to me gently, âitâs your companion, you have made it your companion when you have anxiety and when you feel lonelyâ. I had communion while crying out to my Saviour and was powerfully and supernaturally delivered from the addiction. He also said to me I was not addicted, I was lonely and in need of a companion. I have not had a cigarette since I was delivered. Jesus is now my companion and with the Holy Spiritâs support, help and protection I am now a non-smoker and completely delivered from the habit for the rest of my life. There will still be trials and struggles but Iâm now aware I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Kerrianne"

- Kerrianne B. on September 13th, 2016
Entered online Sep 13th, 2016
Nowra (Bomaderry) Healing Rooms

"Johny transformed by Gods Love for His Kids!! Addictions of alcohol, drugs and smoking, and recovery from abuse."

- Johny on March 7th, 2014
Entered online Dec 4th, 2015
Healing Rooms of Boise

"I asked for prayer for two things, (1) I have a shattered knee cap that is in pain; I want it to heal properly and to have relief from the pain, (2) I have been smoking for 13 years, I want to break the smoking addiction and to get rid of the nicotine cravings. When they prayed for me, I had some mild electric jolt type feelings in my knee. I do not have any cravings for cigarettes and I feel my knee is going to be aligned when I get an x-ray taken tomorrow to see how it's doing. 03/09" on March 9th, 2014
Entered online Apr 1st, 2014
Healing Rooms of Nevada County

"My first visit to the Healing Rooms, I requested prayer for quitting smoking. I quit, and I believe because of prayers that I received on 2 occasions, that it was the easiest thing I have ever accomplished."

- Leslie W. on November 19th, 2014
Entered online Jan 31st, 2014
Spokane Healing Rooms


I was asked by a friend if I would like to go with him to the Healing Rooms and I'm so glad I did. I had an addiction to cigarettes for 9 years and I am 4 months pregnant. I also had depression, which I believe the smoking was making worse.

I was filled with the Holy Spirit and they asked Jesus to take all addiction from me. I was so overjoyed after my healing - I have not had a cigarette since and it's been two weeks today.

I feel like I have a new life and am now free to live for Jesus with the addiction gone. I am so devoted to Him now, even more than I was before. Thank you Lord.


- Kerrianne B. on November 30th, 2012
Entered online Dec 6th, 2012
Nowra (Bomaderry) Healing Rooms

"I am 35 years old and started smoking as I was 16. I tried everything I could to stop smoking but failed over and over again. Then I heard about the Healing Rooms. They gave me a form to write down my prayer request, but I was embarrassed and didn't want to let they know I smoke. So I just wrote: prayer in general and in my heart I told Jesus I want to stop smoking. As they called my name in the waiting room I felt something heavy went away from me. They prayed for me and the addiction is completely gone. It is as if I had never smoked before. Several months went by and I still do not need any cigarettes."

- Deborah C. on November 8th, 2011
Entered online May 14th, 2012
Salas De Cura CCPOA

"I was an alcoholic, and addicted to tobaco. After prayer in the healing room nministry, I felt my body feeling better, and got hope for a better life. I stopped alcohol and tobaco for five days, and I believe that it will continue."

- G on November 2nd, 2011
Entered online Nov 2nd, 2011
Healing Rooms of Marlton

"Laura, My life is changing! It really is ! "

- Anonymous on October 5th, 2009
Entered online Dec 29th, 2009
Cross-Light Healing Room

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