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Testimonies: Bi-Polar
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"Coming to the Healing Rooms was different and strange, but I came as a skeptic. I just wanted a change in my life. I had been going in and out of California Prison system and prison gangs. Also on mental health pills for bi-polar disorder, depression and Dilatin for seizure disorder. I was a total mess. Something took place at the Healing Rooms. I have been healed, I'm not in prison or on probation. I'm sober and a new creation in Christ. I've been out of prison almost 3 years. Jesus gets all the Glory, Honor and Praise... Just Believe!"

- Raymond T. on July 19th, 2016
Entered online Feb 25th, 2016
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I was diagnosed me with Bi-Polar II, a mental/brain condition which manifests in depression, anxiety, and lack of focus. When I received ministry I felt encouragement â this is not a condition that lends itself to immediate relief. My anxiety level decreased. I received word pictures of my brain being made whole â knitted together â to work in the way I expect it to work."

- Nancy on August 27th, 2015
Entered online Aug 27th, 2015
Healing Rooms of Nevada County

"I had bipolar disorder and came to the healing rooms in Port Hueneme for prayer. I have had many sessions starting February 28, 2011. But, four days before my appointment on August 14, 2011 I stopped taking my pills and I show no symptoms of bipolar. I remember on September 11, 2011 the prayer team prayed over me speaking to the frontal lobes of my brain I felt a heat come over me like never before, it brought tears to my eyes. Jesus Healed me."

- Jeff S. on September 11th, 2011
Entered online Sep 23rd, 2011
His Dream Fulfilled - Healing Rooms

"I have suffered from the effects of Bi-Polar since my teens (I am now in my early 50's). I have been on a drug roller coaster since 1996. I knew God would heal me. I was prayed for at the Healing Rooms in my city in Montana. We prayed that the chemical balance in my brain would function the way God created it to! Within a few months I was able to feel a calmness I had never known. I can now declare I AM COMPLETELY HEALED and off medication! Praise God!"

- Cyndy L. on September 2nd, 2010
Entered online Sep 2nd, 2010
Roundup Healing Rooms

"I came to the Healing Room in March this year dealing with Bi Polar and deep depression that had been hanging on for 9 months. I was hospitalized in the summer of 09 and didn't have hope for life since then. A friend suggested that I come to the Healing Rooms. I was so encouraged by the unique group of people that prayed for me. We stood against a spirit of the Impossible and I embraced the truth that All Things Are Possible With God! Ever since I have had a new love for life and creativity and joy flow freely I am so thankful for the Healing Room!"

- Joy M. on August 12th, 2010
Entered online Aug 15th, 2010
Healing Rooms of Charlotte

"Jason has suffered with Bi-polar for years. He is only 20 years old and has been totally unable to function in his world. He has received prayer, which is continuing. His mother called the day after receiving prayer the first time and said she is getting her son back. He called to tell her that he loves her, which hasn't happened in years. He gave his father a hug, also hasn't happened in years. His eyes are clear and look healthy. Praise God! This is a great beginning. God will complete the work."

- Jason on July 6th, 2010
Entered online Jul 6th, 2010
Duluth Area Healing Rooms

"In coming and receiving prayer from the Healing Rooms and the people who prayed over me I experienced a feeling of intense warmth and belonging. they prayed for the chemicals in my brain to heal in the bi-polar disorder. They prayed so that I may know myself completely in Christ. The healing of the HOly Spirit is fermenting in me until I am completely whole and joyful in every divine way. Complete in truth and wholeness through Christ Jesus."

- Reilly W. on June 3rd, 2009
Entered online Oct 8th, 2009
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I had bi-polar disorder and came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. I have been off of all medication for a month and a week! I show no symptoms of bi-polar disorder any more. God has healed me!"

- Jane B. on July 26th, 2008
Entered online Aug 11th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I suffered for years with bi-polar disorder. I spent many days, weeks and even months tormented with deep depression. I came to the Healing Rooms in the summer of 2006 for prayer and was healed and delivered within a few weeks. *I have been off any meds from that time on and God has blessed me with mental and emotional health ever since."

- Marie C. on January 8th, 2007
Entered online Feb 18th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"It has been seven months today since I last took the medicine I was taking for Bi-Polar. I have no (absolutely none) symptoms. I am healed completely!"

- Denise P. on October 15th, 2005
Entered online Jun 1st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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