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Testimonies: Canker Sores
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"My mouth was full of sores. My throat was raw. I could hardly speak I was in a lot of pain. A team at the Healing Room prayed for me and I was healed! Within a couple of days the sores in my mouth and my throat was gone and my voice was back. I also don't have to use my asthma inhaler everyday all the time any more. Thank you all so much for your prayers. I felt worthless when you were praying for me and I then felt the Holy Spirit all over me! Praise God."

- Christina L. on April 16th, 2013
Entered online Jan 21st, 2014
New Beginnings Mission Healing Rooms

"I have been tormented by painful canker sores in my mouth since I was a child. They have been getting worse. I came to the Healing Rooms twice and asked for prayer and healing for these pests. Praise God -- they are gone! I have not had any canker sores for two weeks! Thank you, Lord Jesus!"

- Maureen W. on October 22nd, 2003
Entered online Jun 1st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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