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Testimonies: Bone Spur
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"I had what the doctors called" flaming flaccid" and heal spurs. I was limping and waddling. I came here and the prayer team first prayed and said God wanted us to forgive someone who was lying to us and we were treated unfairly and were cheated. The team said that God wanted us to pray and forgive those people. And if we did, then God would release financial blessings to us. We prayed extra hard about this forgiveness. We got a letter from the City of Spokane that a house that we no longer owned had been foreclosed on for the utilities back bills. Nobody would claim the proceeds from the sale, we were listed as the last owners. So we got the proceeds. Praise God! gradually the pain got less and less in my feet; until I was healed. no pain, no limp. The Lord healed my feet and heels. I serve a God of Miracles who takes good care of me!"

- Marjean E. on April 13th, 2017
Entered online Apr 14th, 2017
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I wanted prayer for my bunion repair â there is pain in my large toe and side of foot when walking. When I was being prayed for my 2nd toe tingled and tendons moved. There is no pain - zero."

- Mary on August 27th, 2015
Entered online Aug 27th, 2015
Healing Rooms of Nevada County

"I had pain in the heel of my right foot from a bone spur.The healing room members prayed for it and the bone spur disappeared.I walked around on it, no pain and I could not even feel it with my hand. THE BONE SPUR WAS GONE.I have been going to the chiropractor for years for pelvic misalignment. My right leg was shorter. I have shoe inserts in my shoes. They prayed and my leg grew out some. When I got up this morning I was walking around in my bare feet and it felt good. I took my shoe insert out of my work shoe and worked the entire day without it. I felt just a little limp when I got up this morning. I believe God is continuing to heal this condition."

- James F. P. on April 16th, 2013
Entered online Apr 17th, 2013
St. Louis Healing Ministries

"Sam came in with bone spurs in his feet as well as plantar fasciitis. He told prayer team members that the pain in his feet was gone that day, and a week later reported he still has no pain."

- Sam S. on June 22nd, 2011
Entered online Jun 22nd, 2011
Living Waters Healing Rooms

"A couple came in for prayer due to difficult circumstances they were walking through. The Team received accurate words of knowledge prior to the prayer session. During the prayer session prophetic revelation continued to flow, revealing specific demonic oppression they were suffering in the night. The Team prayed to break that, and other issues. The following morning the couple called to report that for the first time in two years they slept through the night without demonic warfare coming against them! During the session pain left the foot of the husband while we were praying for other issues! Yeah God! "

- OCHR D. on February 16th, 2010
Entered online Feb 16th, 2010
Orange County Healing Rooms

"I came in for prayer at the Healing Rooms for a broken left toe, two spurs on my right foot and for financial guidance. I also wanted to be able to speak in tongues freely. After prayer, God healed my broken left toe and removed the two spurs from my right foot. They had been painful and caused me to limp. Also, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit so that I am able to speak in tongues which helps me feel at ease and able to pray in a more powerful way. So, within days of prayer at the Healing Rooms, I was also received financial help from unexpected sources."

- Dennis S. on March 5th, 2009
Entered online Oct 6th, 2009
Spokane Healing Rooms

"The healing team prayed for both of my feet. The left foot has two spurs, the right has Achilles pain. when I was prayed for I was able to dance on my feet without pain."

- Caroline F. on July 14th, 2009
Entered online Sep 5th, 2009
Healing Rooms of Vineland NJ

"When I came into the Healing Rooms, my right index finger was hurting and I could hardly bend it. Now it doesn't hurt at all. Also, the heel of my right foot had a lump on it and it caused a lot of pain when I walked. In fact, I'd have to crawl to the bathroom in the night and in the morning because of the pain. After receiving prayer the pain is 100 percent gone! Thank you, God, for working through the Spokane Healing Rooms."

- Diana L. on November 13th, 2008
Entered online Nov 17th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"My two prayer partners prayed for me and both of them had words of knowledge that I could confirm. After prayer, the specific symptom of pain in my heels was gone! I beleive God will continue to cleanse and do a work of healing in my body as I trust in Him."

- Christie P. on August 9th, 2008
Entered online Aug 11th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"During the "Christ the healer" teaching at the healing rooms I began to feel better. I was having problems with my feet as they were hurting me so bad that I could hardly walk or stand on them. Sometimes I could not even wear shoes. They prayed for me before I left and to this day I have had no pain or swelling. Praise God!!"

- Denise H. on January 10th, 2008
Entered online Mar 12th, 2008
Zion Road Healing Room

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