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Testimonies: Infertility
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"1st healing: Doctors and more doctors said for years I would never be able to have a baby. I came for prayer and got pregnant within the year! 2nd healing; Doctors said my unborn baby would be still born. Now I have a healthy 6 month old after prayer @ the healing rooms. 3rd healing- extreme dizziness after childbirth and after payer it's gone! The Lord heals every time we ask. PRAISE HIM!"

- Desiree R. on February 23rd, 2017
Entered online Feb 23rd, 2017
Spokane Healing Rooms

"After seeing doctors and years of medications, doctors had told me I would never get pregnant. We came to the Healing Rooms for prayer for a child. One week later we got the news that we are pregnant."

- Kyle & Desiree R. on December 11th, 2015
Entered online Dec 30th, 2015
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I visited the Healing Rooms for prayer for my son and daughter-in-law. The prayer was for my daughter-in-law to fall pregnant. God granted this; we will have this baby in August 2012"

- Merle Alice P. on July 25th, 2012
Entered online Jul 25th, 2012
Koinonia Healing Rooms

"My sister-in-law was suffering from constant headaches for many years.No medication helped her and she was suicidal at times.There was a witchdoctor who cursed my sister. One day I visited the Healing Rooms to stand in the gap for my sister. The team prayed for her and gave me a prayer cloth to give to my sister. She put it under her pillow and after the first night she phoned me. She was healed and felt no pain. My sister was healed by God and she no longer has any headaches and she isn't suffering from depression anymore. She is happy and praising God. Amen!"

- Patience (. on July 25th, 2012
Entered online Jul 25th, 2012
Koinonia Healing Rooms

""I was battling infertility with a second child for over a year. I tried several things and it ended with me needing to begin an injection to help the process along. I went to the Healing Rooms in the spring of 2008. In June, on the day I was tested to begin the injections, I found out I was pregnant! It really is a true blessing and no medications were needed! In Feb. 2009 we welcomed a wonderful gift to the world - our sweet baby girl - as beautiful & healthy as can be. Her big rother just adores her!""

- D. H. on June 28th, 2009
Entered online Jun 28th, 2009
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

"My sister was told she couldn't have a baby. I had completely forgotten about the prayer request, but God remembered it. Little Jordan is now two years old. If you know anyone who can't have kids for any reason tell them to come to the Healing Rooms. I thank God that He neger gave up. Why should we'"

- Adrean T. on April 5th, 2008
Entered online Aug 11th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I brought my daughter in for prayer. She had a definite tubal pregnancy and her doctors wanted her to terminate the pregnancy that day -- right away. It was a Wednesday. I felt God telling us to wait until Friday. The Prayer Team in the Healing Rooms prayed and felt the baby simply had the wrong address and asked God to move the baby to the right address. They felt we should wait until Friday before we did anything, also. Friday the ultra sound shows the baby was in my daughter's uterus. She is due in December and God gave her a true miracle baby."

- Leza C. on April 30th, 2008
Entered online Aug 11th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I just want to praise God because He has cured me from my seizures. I have not had a seizure since I first went to the Healing Rooms on December 8th. I'm free and I am off my medication. The Lord has also repairs my insides from a partial hysterectomy and I got results from the doctor that my insides are perfect. I'm now looking forward to having a baby! Our God is truly an awesom God! The Lord is truly a healer!"

- Linda T. on February 23rd, 2002
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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