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Testimonies: Restoration
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"Children's ministry is awesome! I went into the Healing Room to get prayer for my knees. The fire of the Holy Spirit was so hot that I felt like it was 90 degrees in the room. After the children prayed, I received 3 pictures from them. All three pictures had the fire of the Holy Spirit on them! The Holy Spirit is at work."

- Kathy B. on August 24th, 2018
Entered online Aug 24th, 2018
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

"Felt the Spirit move in my throat and with rebalancing my body and realigning my right knee :)"

- Dana F. on July 27th, 2017
Entered online Aug 24th, 2017
Northshore Healing Rooms

"Terrible painful torn knee injury healed!"

- Nicki S. on June 14th, 2015
Entered online Mar 17th, 2017
Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls, at

"Chronic pain on right knee. I've suffered from pain on my right knee since 2004. I didn't come in for this specific issue, but I was asked if there is physical pain. While Diane was praying over my knee, it felt like a fresh breath of air going through my knee and the pain was no more. Praise God!"

- Karen R. on March 4th, 2017
Entered online Mar 4th, 2017
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I came in with knee, hip and intestinal discomfort. Through God's Word and the Holy Spirit's residence in my temple of God I was healed. The temple I am in charge of was cleansed and all evil plans erased from existence."

- Aaron on March 23rd, 2016
Entered online Mar 23rd, 2016
In His Presence Healing Room

"I came in for a torn meniscus with crutches, my other good leg was also bothering me because I was favoring it more. The team prayed for my knee and as they did they received words of knowledge of things I was dealing with, that no one knew except me!! I left Fully Empowered and walking better than when I came in. Praise the Lord! Thx SFHRs for your Prayers and Teaching."

- Angelica E. on April 19th, 2014
Entered online Sep 27th, 2014
San Francisco Healing Rooms

"I asked for prayer for two things, (1) I have a shattered knee cap that is in pain; I want it to heal properly and to have relief from the pain, (2) I have been smoking for 13 years, I want to break the smoking addiction and to get rid of the nicotine cravings. When they prayed for me, I had some mild electric jolt type feelings in my knee. I do not have any cravings for cigarettes and I feel my knee is going to be aligned when I get an x-ray taken tomorrow to see how it's doing. 03/09" on March 9th, 2014
Entered online Apr 1st, 2014
Healing Rooms of Nevada County

"PAIN GONE NO MORE CRUTCHES... I came into the Oxnard Healing Rooms with a dislocated and sprained knee. I was in pain and on crutches. After the prayer session I walked to my car without crutches and no pain!!! God loves us and heals His children!!! Thank You Jesus and thank you Oxnard Healing Rooms."

- David L. on February 12th, 2014
Entered online Feb 13th, 2014
Oxnard Healing Rooms

"I received healing for my knees, sinuses and prayers for daughter Becky and her grandchildren, Zoe and Xavier's health, also her daughter, Ashley."

- Lois W. on January 19th, 2014
Entered online Feb 3rd, 2014
Healing Rooms of Olathe

"My ankle feels no pain. My right leg was lengthened to equal my left foot. The right was shorter and my knee is more flexible."

- Sandy on October 14th, 2013
Entered online Oct 27th, 2013
Austin Healing Rooms

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