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Testimonies: Liver Failure
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"About a month ago, I felt to go pray in the Healing Rooms even though I was disqualifying myself to pray for the sick. But from my experience with God, I usually try not to go with my feelings but just obey what He tells me. In the Healing Room, Papa God gave me a word about the liver and blood transfusion. Then the patient came in telling of symptoms but nothing related to the liver and blood. She said the doctors didn't have any cure for her sickness. So we gave her the word of knowledge regarding the liver and blood and she said, "This issue all started four years ago when I went to Africa and the doctor there said I had a liver malfunction." Everyone's faith level rose at hearing that and we prayed for a new liver and blood transfusion. A month later in March she came back saying she had been tested by the doctor and he told her she did not have any issues with her liver. The tests were all negative. The Lord had given her a new liver! Praise the Lord! He is giving new organs to his children. This is what I learned - you overcome your feelings with obedience. Just by showing up He allows us to bare fruit. In addition, when He sends you, He equips you because the Lord is Good and He wants to use us. We don't have to disqualify ourselves, we are already qualified."

- Ron B. on February 8th, 2018
Entered online Apr 12th, 2018
Vienna Christian Healing Rooms

"I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and fatty liver disease. As team prayed I felt encouraged and hopeful God would heal me, was healing me - even as we prayed. My mind feels eased about my condition; that God is taking care of it. I did not feel this before the prayers. I am feeling very Loved at this time."

- Linda on August 22nd, 2015
Entered online Aug 27th, 2015
Healing Rooms of Nevada County

"Two years ago I was diagnosed with a hereditary liver syndrome (Gilbert's). Lately I've experienced difficulty with excreting bodily waste in a timely fashion & rashes breaking out on my neck, back, face & arms so frequently when I've not been exposed to anything I'm allergic to. When we (the prayer team & I) prayed words of knowledge flowed quickly between us exposing the need to break off generational curses and receive God's healing. There were also some things that God helped me pin point in my relationship that I need to experience freedom in. One of the members laid hands on my liver area & something was truly broken off! Pain ceased in that area as we sought God. A work of confirmation came as well concerning a cleanse I had considered doing, but was unsure of its viability. Overall I received a reminder of how much God really does love & care for me and my needs."

- Deborah on March 5th, 2012
Entered online Dec 10th, 2012
Austin Healing Rooms

"Seven days ago I was in intensive care with a tumor on my liver. After treatment my liver died due to the medication. The doctors gave me no hope. My son contacted Healing Rooms of Hammond and after they prayed over the phone. My liver came back to life with no sign of tumor."

- Gene A. on August 12th, 2008
Entered online Aug 12th, 2008
Healing Rooms of Hammond

"My aunt called at 7 a.m. on Thursday. She said my cousin was dying. The doctors gave her three to five days to live. Melissa was in liver failure. I prayed, called others to pray, and called the Healing Rooms to go to the hospital. When I arrived in Melissa's room she was a dark orange yellow color due to liver failure. I saw the blue prayer cloth from the Healing Rooms taped to her wrist. From that point she began the journey to live and not die. Today is Saturday, the orange yellow is nearly completely gone. The doctors are now saying she can make a total recovery. Thank you, Lord Jesus for making a way and your body for walking in it."

- Esther M. on October 4th, 2003
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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