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Testimonies: Neuropathy
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"I drove to Spokane from Sedro Woolley, WA to have God heal my many physical afflictions. Before I left and even while they were still praying for me, I started getting feeling back in my feet - neuropathy - and while writing this it returned 100%! I could take a full breath - lung cancer and emphysema - and I got hearing back in my left ear. All around much better health and feeling!! Praise God and the prayer team He went through."

- Dennis I. on May 23rd, 2018
Entered online May 30th, 2018
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I have had chronic pain secondary to neuropathy for 25 years. The team prayed for me and now the pain is completely gone."

- Frank G. on January 14th, 2017
Entered online Jan 20th, 2017
Northshore Healing Rooms

"I wanted to come for prayer in person, but my leg and foot hurt so badly I could not even get in the car. So I called the Bread of Life Healing Rooms, and they prayed for me over the phone. I am a diabetic, and the pain in my leg was neuropathy. After talking to me and praying for me, I was asked to stand up and walk. I felt a pop in my leg, and I started to scream for joy because the pain was all gone. I rejoiced, and the prayer intercessors were rejoicing with me. I give praise to God and thank Him for this miracle. I will send everyone I know who needs healing prayer to the Bread of Life Healing Rooms."

- Takaiya on August 3rd, 2015
Entered online Sep 9th, 2015
Bread of Life Healing Rooms

"I have had diabetic neuropathy for years. When I came in my feet were so numb I couldn't feel anymore. I received prayer and now I have blood flowing and good circulation. The pain is much less and I know it's going permanently."

- Bonnie S. on September 14th, 2014
Entered online Mar 3rd, 2015
New Beginnings Mission Healing Rooms

"I was healed of neuropathy in hands and feet from nerve damage due to diabetes. My left hand was tingling to the beat of the band and now I can feel my hands, fingers, and toes. GO GOD!!"

- Marcia D. on January 5th, 2012
Entered online Jan 5th, 2012
Spokane Healing Rooms

"On October 17, 2002, your mimistry sent me a blue prayer cloth at the request of our son who contacted you by the internet. I am writing to tell you the results and cannot thank you enough. I am very grateful for the help that I received. I have a number of health problems. Diabetes, heart disease, and in August I underwent a hip replacement. I had pain and numbness in my legs and feet which was diagnosed as diabetic neuropathy. The night following hip surgery, I had this terrific pain like a red hot torch burning across my foot that pain medication could barely subdue. From then on the pain often would be relieved only by sitting up and dangling my feet . Once home, the pain medications that were prescribed made me ill and did little to ease the pain. It was very hard to walk or do the exercises I was supposed to do for my hip. Your prayer cloth arrived October 21. That day was a bad day for me as I was mentally and emotionally upset so I waited until October 22 the next evening to put it on my pillow. The next morning that severe pain seemed to be gone. There was still some neuropathy with some numbness with some feelingn of heat or burning and a feeling of my legs being stuffed which I have had for years off and on. I was used to this so it was tolerable. The next day I felt well enough to walk and do some errands. But in one store, the pain hit my foot again so severely that I was barely able to walk back home. The pain was almost intolerable for one hour. Then as suddenly as it came after surgery, the pain left and has not been back. I still have neuropathy in both feet which makes it hard to sleep in a bed. I am still more confortable sleeping in a chair where my feet are lower than my head. But my attitude and sense of well being has improved almost 98%. I am most grateful to the Lord for the miracle healing by way of your prayer cloth for that searing pain. I am praising God for what He did and for continuing to heal me. It has been four weeks now and I am able to do most things again. The doctors fixed my hip joint, but God gave me back my lief. I am 80 years old. "

- Robert K. on November 10th, 2002
Entered online Jun 1st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I have felt the Healing Power of God!! My Diabetes has been healed. My nuropathy felt the power of God and is healed!! All bitterness and hatred was purged from my body. I have no bitterness toward my Father and others who rejected me. PRAISE THE LORD!!!"

- Sandra D. on March 18th, 2006
Entered online Mar 26th, 2006
Healing Rooms of Kalamazoo

"I had prayer on the 10th for neuropathy caused by diabetes. My arms and legs were numb and ached. Since being prayed for it is gone completely. What a wonderful God we serve!"

- Penny Meier on January 24th, 2003
Entered online Mar 1st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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