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Testimonies: Pro-longed QT
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"In seventh grade (1997) the doctors diagnosed me with Pro-longed QT. This is a disease that has to do with the waves leaving and returning to the heart. This is a disease that cannot really be measured. Regular QT wave was 40 and my QT wave was measured at 46. My family and church took hold of this and took this thought captive. Around 8 months ago I came to the Healing Rooms and received prayer for this condition. Six months later I had another ekg done for tests and it came back with a good report. The doctor then sent the results to some more specialists that couldn't find anyting wrong either. I was called in for more tests that were also examined by more doctors. I was totally healed! I've been off medication for two months. Praise the Lord God Almighty!"

- Michael M. on February 2nd, 2002
Entered online Dec 28th, 2007
Spokane Healing Rooms

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