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"Will went to his doctor today and the doctor said that his most recent blood test is amazing. The report is that the HIV virus is virtually undetectable in his blood. He said that sometimes the virus can "sleep" or hide in different cells. But right now it's so low. 1st test = 43,000 count; 2nd = 600 count; 3rd = 0!"

- Amanda & Bill M. on August 11th, 2008
Entered online Aug 11th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I had a report from my doctors that I have HIV/AIDS and a viral count of 43,000 and after three months of prayer at the Healing Rooms my viral load went under 600. The doctors were shocked and said it is remarkable for it to drop that much in such a short time."

- William M. on January 15th, 2008
Entered online Feb 18th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"One year ago I had full blown aids. I was about on my last leg when I heard of Healing Rooms of Hammond. After going to the Rooms for prayer, I received many things from the Lord Jesus. I got saved and delivered from addictions and my health began to improve. Now I am active in my Church and in encouraging others to get prayer for what ever problem they may have. Sometimes you have to continue to get prayer before God heals you, I still go to the healing rooms for prayer even though I am healed. Thank You Jesus!"

- Anthony P. on September 7th, 2006
Entered online Sep 7th, 2006
Healing Rooms of Hammond

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