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Testimonies: Meningitis
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"Regarding Colton Hoisington Oct, 10, 2009: We came to the healing rooms. We came to receive an imparkation of healing for Colton ( 4 months) infant with Bacterial Meningitis. Colton was given a 5 % chance of survival. God had other plans. He is alive and well. No hearing loss, no deficits. Thank you Jesus."

- Mary Ann H. on January 16th, 2010
Entered online Apr 12th, 2017
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Testimony from South East Hampshire Healing Rooms, Havant, UK Earlier this year, one of our church members asked the church to pray for her 17 year-old grandson, C, who had been admitted to hospital with suspected meningitis, although his symptoms were unusual. Our Healing Rooms team also sent a prayer cloth to his parents. Within a few days, he had recovered, and within 2 weeks he was back at work, which involves climbing up and down ladders! When his doctor later heard about this, she was amazed, both at the speed and completeness of his recovery. Following this , C, who is not yet a Christian, decided to put the "special handkerchief" in his girlfriend's bedroom as she continued to have nightmares about his illness. From this time on, the nightmares disappeared! Also, since C recovered, the issues he had with behaviour-major outbursts of temper which resulted in his attendance at a Behavioural Unit for the latter part of his education, have all disappeared! The prayer team did not even know about that! Praise God! July 2014"

- C on July 17th, 2014
Entered online Jul 17th, 2014
South East Hampshire Healing Rooms

"16 years ago I had meningitis, the muscles on my right side had experienced atrophy and movement was very restricted. I have had prayer before, but this time I felt the muscles stretching and the bones moving. The pain is gone! I can lift my legs to the side and front. I can bend to the back and front and from side to side. Thank you, Jesus!"

- Marilyn G. on October 20th, 2005
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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