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Testimonies: Trygeminal Neuralgia
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"Jesus has stopped the pain in my face. I came in using a cane and left running. I can never stop thanking Jesus for everything he's done for me. He has changed my life."

- Susie M. on August 27th, 2013
Entered online Sep 26th, 2013
Killeen Healing Rooms

"I was diagnosed with trygeminal neuralgia -- excruciating pain on left side of my face and jaw lasting from a few seconds to a minute or more! It was becoming almost continuous. Two doctors and two dentists said that was what was wrong and surgery to destroy the trygeminal nerve was discussed. I said I'd trust the Great Physician -- Jesus and both doctors prayed for and with me! (I also had an absessed tooth which a dentist had capped and was using it as an anchor tooth for my lower partial. I had it removed and it came out in many pieces and with great difficulty.) Several years ago because I was suffering with TMJ a dentist had made me new teeth for the top and a partial for the bottom which helped the TMJ very much. I've been told the jaw bone is diseased and there is osteoarthristis in my jaw bone. (I was diagnoed with osteoarthritis when I was only 29years old and told I'd be in a wheel chair because a specialist told me it was in my spine.) I said by the grace of God I'll never be in a wheel chair. Through the years I've had many battles, but somehow God always answered my cry for help and showed me something to do that brought relief. Sometimes for weeks--or months and even years. I'd never heard of "healing rooms," yet God brought meto Eugene (about and eight hour drive from where we live) and I talked to this friend who'd called me and prayed with me during the onset of the neuralgia. She told me of the meetings regarding healing rooms. I asked if I could go and she said yes. We went morning and night and God met my need -- the neuralgia is gone! "

- Betty L. on April 18th, 2002
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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