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"I was diagnosed with kidney problems, blood in my urine and strep in my bladder. I was prayed for on Thursday before I had my tests the following week. My CT scan showed my kidneys were fine. The scope of my bladder was clear also. The next test showed NO strep in my bladder! I did not receive a report on the blood, but I trust that the Lord took care of that as well!! I am so very, very thankful that healing is part of the atonement. I am also thankful for the Healing Rooms and the people who are obedient to Jesus to pray for the sick."

- Jean E. on April 21st, 2011
Entered online Feb 22nd, 2012
Northshore Healing Rooms

"White Blood Count Normal I went for a physical and blood test and the blood test showed the white blood cell count was very low. They had me come back and re-test three weeks later and the Doctor called me back and said it was even lower. After we talked he said to come back in three more weeks and then we would decide what to do. I went to Healing Rooms of DC and the team prayed and I received a Holy Spirit infusion. Then I went for another blood test and this time the Doctor said; 'whatever you are doing, keep doing it' I told him I got prayer at the Healing Rooms. Thank you Jesus. You are the Great Physician. "

- Kathy on May 22nd, 2010
Entered online Jul 16th, 2010
Healing Rooms of Washington, DC

"GOD LOVES DOGS TOO. Last Monday, the city sprayed a large bee hive in front of our home, killing all the bees. The dead bees were all over our front and back yard. Our oldest Pug, Otis, ate these poisoned bees. He began shaking, became lethargic, would not eat or drink. The poison shot up his white blood count and did damage to his organs. We honestly thought we were losing him. After sharing this with my friend, she said that she was on her way to the Oxnard Healing Room and would request prayer for Otis. The team prayed. A short time later, Otis made his own way downstairs and was ready to eat!!! We do more blood work later this week, but it appears he is 100% himself again! Our vet called to check up on Otis' status and was both pleased and surprised to learn of his fast recovery. I shared with him about the team that was praying for Otis and his reply was, " It's a good thing Otis knows people in high places"! We're very grateful to the Oxanrd Healing Rooms! With Much Love and Gratitude, The Walker Family Orange County, CA"

- Family W. on March 29th, 2010
Entered online Mar 29th, 2010
Oxnard Healing Rooms

"I had blood disease for 4 years. After healing rooms prayed for me, my blood was normal"

- Carol S. on August 12th, 2008
Entered online Aug 12th, 2008
Healing Rooms of Hammond

"Will went to his doctor today and the doctor said that his most recent blood test is amazing. The report is that the HIV virus is virtually undetectable in his blood. He said that sometimes the virus can "sleep" or hide in different cells. But right now it's so low. 1st test = 43,000 count; 2nd = 600 count; 3rd = 0!"

- Amanda & Bill M. on August 11th, 2008
Entered online Aug 11th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Three weeks ago, my doctor ordered a "CBC" a complete blood count, to see what my white blood cell count is. My breast tumor had grown in size rather rapidly, and all three doctors attending me (and I) were very concerned. After receiving prayer the test came back showing my blood cell count was perfectly normal. My doctor was shocked that my immune system would be so normal under the circumstances. She even sent these results to the other two who were praising her for how well she has prescribed medications for me. But, I know it isn't her -- it is the Lord. Glory be to God for His miracles."

- Lynn M. on April 16th, 2003
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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