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"As the team prayed for me, I saw witchcraft in my family history being broken and my hands and feet began to become warm. I've had chronic cold hands and feet and I believe they are healed! Also, I've battled common colds every 3-4 months and I believe God broke that afflicting spirit off! JESUS IS AMAZING!! Thank you!"

- Yolande J. on April 4th, 2018
Entered online Apr 4th, 2018
Spokane Healing Rooms

"My 5 year old daughter was having terrible nightmares. We came in to get prayer. I was sick with a bad cold as well. Since the day they prayed against nightmares, she hasn't had anymore. Praise God! They prayed over my cold, and the next day my symptoms were significantly less. Another day after, I was cold free! I am so thankful the Lord delivered my daughter and took my sickness away."

- A. O. on September 18th, 2017
Entered online Jan 27th, 2018
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

"I came in for prayer. My lungs were hurting & feeling heavy. I had body aches. The prayer partners anointed me and prayed with me. When they were done I wasn't wheezing anymore, and my body aches were gone! I thank God for healing me. I thank Him for the prayer partners that prayed with me. I thank Him for the things He is going to do in my family. Praise You, my Savior & Lord Jesus. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. God bless Healing Rooms."

- S. H. on September 4th, 2017
Entered online Sep 4th, 2017
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

"So, became ill Friday evening, by Saturday morning I had a fairly high fever which continued until yesterday early morning. By yesterday afternoon I was able to walk 2 miles, with some fatigue and unsteadiness, and by this morning was asymptomatic. For me the typical period of a cold is 7 days, and with the fever I had I projected the possibility of being essentially bedridden for up to 10 days. Yet I have apparently shaken this off in 3.5 days from the point I first had an itch in the back of my throat. I consider this a miraculous healing, praise God. Thank you for your prayers and the healing Scriptures. -KC"

- KC on March 20th, 2017
Entered online Mar 20th, 2017
Healing Rooms of Issaquah

"I rang Nowra Healing Rooms for prayer for my 6 week old baby granddaughter, Arielle. She was suffering from severe colic and gastric reflux. Arielle also developed breathing problems with a viral cold she had contacted. There had been very little sleep in their household since her birth, also crying all day and Miranda (her mother) had to walk constantly around the house to quieten her. She was a very unwell baby and Miranda (my daughter) rang me saying that they were going to Wollongong hospital for help, after having seen a local doctor, who advised Miranda to take the baby to hospital for treatment. My daughter rang me to tell me this news, so instantly I went into prayer, and while I was seeking the Lord, He laid it upon my heart to call Nowra Healing Rooms for prayer, which I did immediately. Two team members prayed with me over the phone, and wow the presence of God was amazing! A couple of hours later I rang my daughter for news of the baby, and was told, "Mum, she is so much better, she is starting to sleep and settle"! The following morning I rang for an update. The baby had slept nearly all night, her cold had gone, she was sleeping and settled throughout the day, and we both agreed together that the Lord had given a miracle!! Arielle has been sleeping throughout the nights, and settled and happy throughout the daytime - Praise God, He alone has accomplished this mighty miracle!!!! Truly for the first time in six weeks my daughter can relax and enjoy the fruit of motherhood and I, the Grandma, can say, "What god is so great as our God' You are the God who performs miracles, you display your power among the peoples, with your mighty arm you redeemed your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph" Psalm 77 v 14 -15. Praise the Lord! Elizabeth S"

- Elizabeth S. on October 15th, 2013
Entered online Oct 16th, 2013
Nowra (Bomaderry) Healing Rooms

"During prayer I felt the congestion in my chest leave in a cough! I could breathe deeply without wheezing. I left the prayer room feeling at peace with the busy times of coming days!"

- Tricia B. on July 21st, 2012
Entered online Sep 3rd, 2012
Starkville Healing Room

"I feel better and I am happy to feel the love of God"

- Merilen Q. on May 5th, 2012
Entered online Jan 19th, 2012
Paphos Healing Rooms

"was suffering from a chest and head cold for over a week. After prayer, she can now take a deep breath; the cough is gone. She can now breathe through her nose and said that she feels 100% better."

- Arianna on February 19th, 2011
Entered online Mar 27th, 2011
Northgate Alaska Healing Rooms

"I was prayed for and confessed an open door. The darkness came out of me and a light came onto me. I was set free. My mind is free. There is no more confusion. I was able to forgive myself. I believe with my whole heart that I am healed in my body. I will never be the same again, I had so much joy I couldn't stop laughing. Thank you, Jesus!!! Also when I used a prayer cloth and put it over my chest/throat area I vertually stopped coughing. Before I had a deep raspy cough. I feel so much peace and freedom. Praise you Jesus! "

- Joan K. on October 20th, 2007
Entered online Apr 29th, 2008
East Side Healing Rooms

"All shoulder pain is gone! All hip pain is gone! I can swivel in ways I never have been able to. Congestion from a cold is gone! I felt heat in the bottom of my right lung--an rea that was damaged by a blood clot three years ago. Praise God!"

- Erica M. on January 16th, 2008
Entered online Feb 18th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

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