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"Visitor returns with testimony: Again he has been healed! And this time - life restored. This sweet little dog has experienced physical, spiritual, & emotional abuses - life seemed to be fading away. Fortunately his owner takes authority, inviting us to join together in prayer! It's such a treat to us, here at Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls, to witness the loving mercy of God for all of his creation! "

- S. L. on January 19th, 2017
Entered online Jan 21st, 2017
Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls

"Praise God! - Cat healed of a spinal injury/paralysis of hind quarters. After prayer and very brief time of rest and rehab, during praise and thankfulness toward God - this little one now has full mobility. There's a gentle sweet countenance about her. Touched by God! Also as a result of the physical trauma, toward the end of spinal healing, cysts appeared in other areas of the body, these open sores oozed and scabbed over, a cycle repeated, until that too has been healed!"

- T S. on June 21st, 2016
Entered online Jan 21st, 2017
Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls

"âSix months after my 6th child was born, I was carrying a lamp down the stairs and failed to wrap the cord around the lamp. I stepped on the plug as I was going down the stairs and fell all the way down our stairs injuring my pelvis/hip. I was in a lot of pain, but took Ibuprofen to curb the throbbing. A year had passed and it seemed to get worse. I asked Brenda Dale one of the Prayer Room team members to pray for me. She prayed for me on three separate occasions for about 1/2 hr. each time. I could feel relief after each session of prayer, not only in my hip but also felt such a release in the spirit. The things the Lord had her pray for me were right on. My pelvis and hip were healed! I also know that I was healed from other things in my life that I didn't even realize needed healing. The prayer time was amazing, I am so grateful for the time Brenda spent praying for me. Thank you Prayer Team! â -Janine Y."

- Janine Y. on December 13th, 2014
Entered online Dec 13th, 2014
In His Presence Healing Room

"My dad drove me to the healing room. I was in such terrible pain in my hips.When the team prayed for me the first time I did't feel much difference. The second time they prayed I got maybe 30% relief.The third time they prayed I really noticed the difference. I could feel the pain leaving. I got up and walked around and bent over and lifted my legs.Everything felt normal. I just had a little tenderness when I lifted my leg. I got at least 90% healing. When I got up this morning I felt really good. I went to my doctor for a routine check on the leukemia. My laboratory results were not bad at all. The doctor couldn't understand because I haven't had cancer medicines for THREE MONTHS. I understand. God is healing the leukemia!!!"

- J. Christopher P. on April 16th, 2013
Entered online Apr 17th, 2013
St. Louis Healing Ministries

"Two years ago I was diagnosed with a hereditary liver syndrome (Gilbert's). Lately I've experienced difficulty with excreting bodily waste in a timely fashion & rashes breaking out on my neck, back, face & arms so frequently when I've not been exposed to anything I'm allergic to. When we (the prayer team & I) prayed words of knowledge flowed quickly between us exposing the need to break off generational curses and receive God's healing. There were also some things that God helped me pin point in my relationship that I need to experience freedom in. One of the members laid hands on my liver area & something was truly broken off! Pain ceased in that area as we sought God. A work of confirmation came as well concerning a cleanse I had considered doing, but was unsure of its viability. Overall I received a reminder of how much God really does love & care for me and my needs."

- Deborah on March 5th, 2012
Entered online Dec 10th, 2012
Austin Healing Rooms

"I went to the healing room today to get prayer for my hips and sinuses. When the person started praying for my hipsI felt less pain right away and was able to walk without pain. They also prayed for my sinuses, and while they were praying I saw a stage with a curtain opening. Glory."

- Nathaniel G. on March 17th, 2012
Entered online Jul 8th, 2012
Killeen Healing Rooms

"God told me He would give me the key to unlock the burden/weight I've carried & haven't been able to lose, before we left Portland. Today I was healed of; arthritis in hands, head trauma, left knee cartilage worn out, neck & back stiffness, and hip pain. This was all a result of 38 years ago in a car accident without a seat belt in a head on collision with a concrete culvert. In the collision, my hands went through the windshield which resulted in numbness and arthritis off and on. (Tonight I felt heat and no more pain). I received a head trauma which resulted in foggyness and memory loss. Recently this has been much worse, but tonight it feels very clear as I felt something lift off. My knee was hurting during the speaker and now I have no pain or stiffness. My neck and back now feels relaxed with no pain. My hips would normally hurt with standing for more than 15 minutes and my outer thighs would go numb. Tonight I felt my pelvis shift and adjust & my stomach lift."

- Marilyn I. on January 5th, 2012
Entered online Jan 5th, 2012
Spokane Healing Rooms

"A dad, a mom, & their daughter all received healing of their digestive troubles. Gastrointestinal reflux, Celiac disease, pain, bloating, & other issues were healed. Hallelujah!"

- Robert B. on July 6th, 2008
Entered online Jul 17th, 2008
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

"I was having pain in my hips and legs. As the team prayed for me, I felt my pelvis start to swivel to the left and the pain in my hips and legs was gone. I also had a headache, which I did not mention, but it left me at the same time."

- Denise M. on January 10th, 2006
Entered online Jul 19th, 2006
Gem Valley Healing Rooms

"I had pain in my pelvis. I came in to get prayer and I was totally healed by faith and the power of God. I will keep speaking and believing for my healing. The enemy will not have his way in my body anyjmore. My knees are also totally healed. My relationships are healed and fear is gone!"

- Kim H. on March 23rd, 2006
Entered online Jun 5th, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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