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Testimonies: Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)
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"I came her for my allergies and my refractive amblyopia. When they were praying, I felt an overwhelming presence of God! My eye was healed enough to where I could read, but was still blurry ( in a sense). I will continue to pray for my eye! When they were praying for my Mom, I cried with joy because I felt the holy spirit go inside her! Love and praise Jesus!"

- Parker S. on May 5th, 2017
Entered online May 5th, 2017
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I had a terrible headache and sinus pressure. Everytime I bent over my head would pound with sharp pain. I was very dizzy from it. The prayer team prayed for me and the gentleman had a word of knowledge-he prayed against my sensitivity to molds and pollens and broke its power. I was feeling better by 60% when I left the room & by the end of the day I was completely healed! Thank you, Dr. Jesus!"

- Robin D. on April 23rd, 2012
Entered online Jul 24th, 2013
Healing Rooms of Greater Binghamton

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