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"My 5 year old daughter was having terrible nightmares. We came in to get prayer. I was sick with a bad cold as well. Since the day they prayed against nightmares, she hasn't had anymore. Praise God! They prayed over my cold, and the next day my symptoms were significantly less. Another day after, I was cold free! I am so thankful the Lord delivered my daughter and took my sickness away."

- A. O. on September 18th, 2017
Entered online Jan 27th, 2018
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

"was suffering from a chest and head cold for over a week. After prayer, she can now take a deep breath; the cough is gone. She can now breathe through her nose and said that she feels 100% better."

- Arianna on February 19th, 2011
Entered online Mar 27th, 2011
Northgate Alaska Healing Rooms

"When I was prayed for; the fear, anxiety and sensation in my body of a buzzing like bees left immediately. A peace and calm came over me immediately. My cold and flu symptoms were so much better that I slept better that night for the first time in many nights. I was told to anoint house which I did and then I prayed over my cat and his confusion left immediately and he became calm. One of the prayer team members got a word of knowledge which helped because she explained I was not responsible for a situation that occurred."

- Joan K. on October 18th, 2007
Entered online Apr 27th, 2008
East Side Healing Rooms

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