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Testimonies: Heat Rash
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"Michelle witnessed a miracle from God. As she was preparing to leave the meeting, God told her to "Stop". She immediately froze in her place, and was overcome by a tremendous heat all over her body. Her hands and arms began to sweat, and as she checked her jewelry on her wrists and the ring on her left hand, she noticed that the jewelry had begun to turn color, and her ring melted into the shape of a heart. She testified about the miracle, and as she shared, the Tulsa Healing Center team began to prophesy over Pastor Bill and Marilyn. The prophetic meaning of the melting of the ring was given under the leading of the Holy Spirit. Because Michelle was willing to share what God had done to her, others were blessed and direction was given by God to the many who witnessed the evemt"

- Michelle C. on February 25th, 2009
Entered online Mar 2nd, 2009
Arlington Healing Rooms

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