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"PRINCE GEORGE HEALING ROOMS Prince George, B.C. Canada June 12, 2009 In February,2009, while on vacation in Mexico I noticed a burning sensation on the upper inside part of my right ear. Thinking that it was a sunburn I ignored it but a day or so later it started to swell, somewhat like a bug bite. Over the next three months it continued to grow until it became slightly larger than an aspirin tablet and it had a black thing in the middle. It had a redness around the top of it that made my ear sore and very tender to the touch. I showed the growth to two different nurse friends who both suggested that it was time to see my doctor, which I did. My doctor's opinion was that she was over 95% sure that it was a carcinoma (skin cancer) so she made an appointment for me to see a skin specialist. Since it was a Wednesday afternoon I went directly from the doctor's office to the Healing Rooms for prayer. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical about what the results might be but I believed that God could heal anything and what did I have to lose. Three ladies prayed for healing for my ear and off I went. TWO days later the growth started to peel like a sunburn and all of the redness and soreness had gone. THREE days after that the black thing in the middle became loose so I twisted it a bit and it came right out. Within another two weeks the entire growth had disappeared and when I went to the specialist he said " I don't see anything there but if something appears come and see me". Whether it was cancer or not is of little importance but when a growth continues to grow on a person's ear for over three months and after prayer it begins to disappear in two days I know that it was GOD and that he listens to the prayers from the Healing Rooms. Gary " on June 12th, 2009
Entered online Jun 12th, 2009
Prince George Healing Rooms Society

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