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"Steven came back to the healing room to share the following testimony: "Doctors used ultrasound to declare I had aortic valve stenosis and recommended open heart surgery to replace the valve. I went to this healing room for prayer and got symptoms like shortness of breath removed. I can now climb seven flights of stars without being out of breath. Doc says he still hears heart murmurs. So we prayed again tonight for completion and no more symptoms. I am giving glory to God for the healing already paid for by the stripes of Jesus!""

- Steven on May 23rd, 2017
Entered online Jul 14th, 2017
In His Presence Healing Room

"I was having heart murmurring off and on. I received prayer at the Healing Room and I have not had any more trouble with it fluttering since. Thank you Jesus!"

- Jenny P. on January 7th, 2011
Entered online Jan 21st, 2012
High Road Healing Room

"Our grandchild, Mila, fell ill and was admitted to hospital with a lung infenction and severe pain in her ears.Subsequent tests revealed a heart murmur as well. The team at the healing rooms interceded for her and they sent a prayer cloth to our daughter who lives far away. She put the cloth inside the pillow case. On the 22nd of June 2011 Mila was taken to a cardiologist in Cape Town and he declared her well and healthy. We give all the glory to God for healing Mila."

- Annatjie H. on June 29th, 2011
Entered online Jul 16th, 2011
Koinonia Healing Rooms

"The lady who was blind and received her sight came back into the Healing Rooms to have prayer for a heart murmur. She went to the doctor for a check-up and they couldn't find it!"

- Billy K. on December 22nd, 2007
Entered online Feb 18th, 2008
Spokane Healing Rooms

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