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Testimonies: Repetitive Strain Injury
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"On Saturday, October 13th, I attended Healing Room training seminar to learn more of the process for praying for people's healings. During the time that there prayer for healing, Jerry prayed over me. I have been recovering from several injuries since Thanksgiving. I tore my left Achilles tendon and the three large tendons in my right Rotator cuff. I have had a slow recovery on my rotator cuff injury because it was a partial repair. I have not been able to raise my right hand up over my head. Right after Jerry finished praying I was able to raise both hands in praise. At the end of the seminar when I was going through the prayer tunnel I was overwhelmed and drunk in the Holy Spirit. I could not walk upright or straight. Even when I got back up and entered the prayer tunnel a second time I was immediately drunk in the Holy Spirit again. What an awesome amazing day. Praise GOD I am able to raise both hands to praise our GOD. I also have been experiencing constant numbness and pain in my hands. The pain is greatly diminished and the stiffness is working it's way out. GLORY TO GOD! GOD BLESS You and the team!"

- Richard C. on October 13th, 2018
Entered online Oct 17th, 2018
Bethlehem PA Healing Rooms

"Awesome time of ministry at the Flea Market today! 20 encounters, 4 prophetic words given, an injured wrist healed.a back injury healed Two words of knowledge that resulted in healing or significant ministry, and 200 Jesus Loves You stickers were delivered to the community All in just 3 hours! Yeeeeeeessssssss thats what I'm talking about, taking it literally to the Market Place"

- Earl B. on June 7th, 2014
Entered online Jun 7th, 2014
Lake City Healing Rooms

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