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"Blood clots in right leg. I had prayer and a surge of energy ( gentle) came over me from head to toe. The stiffness has waned ever since. I had sudden pain in right thigh that started dissipating and now the clots are dissolved. I also got prayer for chaplain service and I started. Also for finances with creditors and real estate investing company. I know God provides in all ways. I know now in my heart this is true. Thank you Jesus."

- Jeffrey P. on February 16th, 2017
Entered online Apr 13th, 2017
Spokane Healing Rooms

"I was healed of gestational Diabetes two weeks before baby was born. also had my placenta move away from cervix and after baby legs swelled and arm swelled, I prayed and used anointing oil from the healing rooms and was told I may have blood clot, but then sent home with no clot."

- Tamara K. on February 16th, 2010
Entered online Apr 12th, 2017
Spokane Healing Rooms

"Melissa says, "Last week I went to the healing rooms in Marlton having a blood clot in my lung. I asked God for a sign of healing. Two days after I went to the hospital and got a CAT scan and the blood clot is gone. Thank you Jesus.""

- Melissa on August 24th, 2016
Entered online Aug 24th, 2016
Healing Rooms of Marlton

"I would like first thank God for restoring my life back to me and the Oxnard Healing Rooms prayer teams for praying for my restoration. Three years ago in March I developed blood clots in my lungs. I came to the Healing rooms before and after my surgery. I was released to go back to work in 2014, but could not go back because of a pending jail sentence. I was released in January 2016 and thought I would be on disability for the rest of my life. I returned to the Oxnard Healing Rooms for prayer to be able to return to work. I thought I could not do the work due to my age (57)as I do physical labor. The prayer team gave me scriptures to read on healing and encouraged me. I did the foot work to get my job back and by the grace of God and the prayers of the prayer teams I got my job back. I work for the State of California and after you have been out on disability 3 years they can send you to work in the dessert or Las Angeles. By Godâs mercy I was able to return to my former job in Camarillo with my same crew and in the same location I have worked since 2006. I did have to pass a physical to go back to work. I continue to go to the Oxnard Healing Rooms today."

- Robert M. on August 3rd, 2016
Entered online Aug 5th, 2016
Oxnard Healing Rooms

"I went to the doctorand the doctor said you have something in the vein of your neck. They did a cat scan and said it looked like a blood clot. They said we are going to do an M.R.I. and will let you know soon. I began to pray to the Lord asking Him to take the blood clot out. One day they called and there was nothing in my neck. Thank you Lord for what you have done for me."

- Robert B. on December 18th, 2014
Entered online Jan 31st, 2014
Spokane Healing Rooms

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