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Testimonies: Pneumonia
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"About a month ago I asked you to send a prayer cloth due to my mother's illness. She had suffered an epileptic attack and showed no sign of recovery. The situation grew worse each day and she didn't want to live anymore. After a week, she was hospitalized due to peneumonia and the other symptoms she was experiencing. This was about two days after I had requested the prayer cloth. You must have been praying for her that day or the day after because the Lord healed her pneumonia. The tests they ran revealed that her salt levels in her blood were nearly zero and her blood pressure was 110/180! This was on Saturday. On Monday I received the prayer cloth and brought it to her and laid it on her pillow. Within 24 hours the blood pressure was down to 70/100 and the salt levels were normal again. Doctors said it would take at least three days for that to happen. Then she became hungry and her desire to recover came back. Praise the Lord! Last week on Monday she was ome again. She didn't get out of bed very much in the hospital, only the last few days. But now at home she goes on with her life almost back to normal. The first day she walked around the garden for about 15 minutes enjoying the spring flowers. She is improving each day!"

- Eddy G. on May 22nd, 2005
Entered online May 31st, 2006
Spokane Healing Rooms

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